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Dear Webby Humor Letter
Still the best clean Humor Letter on the net.
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Clean humor and tech tips.
The Humor Letter has carefully selected, upbeat humor,
no blonde or lawyer jokes. You can read it online or subscribe free.

Coached Hosting !

  • Fast and reliable HIGH TRAFFIC webspace at wholesale prices
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  • If you are a beginner, you are especially welcome.
    At Webby we like knowing our clients and provide personal service.
  • If you are a PRO, we have all the PRO features.
    INFO for our webmasters

  • NO auto-responders!
    We use live chat for instant response, whenever you have a question.

  • At Webby you get full commercial power hosting with SSH and FTP, mySql, PHP, etc.

  • Custom set-up and Design available. If you prefer, we can set up your site for you,
    so that you just upload pictures and plain text fillers.

  • We can even manage your site for you,
    and you simply fax or email us your specials and updates.

  • Reliable POP email addresses PLUS Webmail
* You can also order email addresses without hosting. We have many domain names available for email addresses!

High reliability hosting on real Linux servers,
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We also have Linux servers

Traffic: 2GB/month FREE, and only $3 per 1GB/month above that.
No ceilings, no limits. *
You don't get shut down or kicked out as soon as your site becomes profitable.

All prices are LISTED in US Dollars, but you can pay in other currencies too.
You can pay with PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, checks or money orders.
You get wholesale prices at Webby!
High Traffic Webspace at wholesale prices starting at $2.00

You get VIP treatment, personal attention, not just a dumb cart!
Click on the link on the right to email us, and tell us in plain English what results you want.
Site Design and Set-Up: 3 pages.

Just email us your text and pictures. We take care ofthe rest.
Site $70.00 Yes, You can order this!
Site Design and Set-Up for permanent use: no special programs or skills required for YOU to update and expand. Coaching included! Site $500.00 Yes, You can order this!
Domain Name Registration: .COM, NET per year $12.00 Yes, You can order this!
Domain Name Registration: .ORG per year $17.00 Yes, You can order this!
Domain Name Registration: .CLUB per year $5.00 Yes, You can order this!
.CA Domain Name Registration: per year $15.00 Yes, You can order this!
Magic List Newssletter manager and sender (1 installation included, Linux Servers only)
You can run as many DOUBLE-OPT-IN newsletters as you want. The magic List generates all the accessory files for subscribing and managing.
one time $150.00 Yes, You can order this!
Newsletter Debouncer Get rid of "cemetery addresses" and avoid getting black-listed per month $10.00 Yes, You can order this!
Directory, for example 50 MB $2.00 Yes, You can order this!
County, for example 50 MB $2.50 Yes, You can order this!
MINI Domain: 50 MB $4.05 Yes, You can order this!
Domain: Yes, you can run newsletters from a regular domain! 50 MB $12.25 Yes, You can order this!
Dedicated Server (real, entire machine, not virtual) 160 GB $245.00 Yes, You can order this!
Secure Certificate for doing e-Commerce (We assist you in the process of getting the certificate) per year $50.00 Yes, You can order this!
30% discount for anything, that you have one of, and buy to re-sell *
except domain name registrations. We do those at cost as a favor to clients.

Resellers: If your clients don't use up their basic space, YOU can.
For example, if a client only uses 2 of their 20 MB, then you have an extra 18 MB for YOUR site.

When your total used space goes above the basic space of all your domains, it's just 50 cents per MB for the overage.
It is only a billing matter, not a limit or cause for concern.

Webby got Best of The Web AwardWe specialize on being the best solution for high traffic web marketing.
As experts in hosting high-traffic web sites (10+ GB daily transfer) we know how to market and maintain such popular resources.

As our hosting client you get:
  • full service hosting with live tech support PLUS
  • the web software to bring traffic
  • friendly consulting to become profitable
  • assistance and help with Linux, UNIX and CGI
  • SSH2 Secure Shell access to the server command line
  • SFTP. We recommend Winzip or WinSCP, they are free!
  • POP and WebMail access to your email accounts
  • PHP 5.1.6 . Content management upload temp dir is at /usr/sites/phptmp
  • MySQL 5.1.58
  • Linux CentOS equiv to Red Hat
  • Virtual Includes supported since 1997

Secure Merchant Accounts
We help you get your Secure Certificate and we provide secure web space for
your business. And we have cart software!

Postcards: YES, you can run postcards! We even have the software for them.

YES, you can run newsletters! They have to be double-opt-in and include unsubscribe lines.
We even have Newsletter software available, that is so simple you can delegate newsletters to employees or kids.

YES, you can run blogs like this one: !

Passworded client accounts: YES, you can have passworded folders for your clients. We have easy password management software available.

Domain Name Registration: YES, we can do the Domain Name Registration for you. Our Full Service includes warning you, if your choice may be unprofitable, like tha names chosen by these people who did not consult with our experts first: Bad Domain Names. It is better to brainstorm with our experts first and then choose a name that will promote your business effectively.

Registration of a domain name is $12 per year with full and personal service. You will never be arguing with an auto-responder!

Marketing Strategies

Webby is Host and Sponsor for  Cardmaster's World Championship since 1997 Effective targeting, not just big traffic, is the key to successful marketing on the web. The most effective way to market to a targeted audience of potential clients are POSTYs (on-line postcards). Many tens of thousands sites (from kids to Fortune 500 companies) already use our posty services - learn why