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Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions:

All ads have to be legal and family safe!

Webby reserves the right to refuse ads, that are not suitable for the intended audience.
Webby is the sole and final judge regarding suitability of ads.
If in doubt, send your ad for aproval to BEFORE ordering.

If an ad is refused prior to publishing, the entire amount will be refunded.

Target / Theme Changes are not allowed and will result in punitive (no refund) cancellation!
Content at the destination, that an ad links to, may not be changed during an ad campaign.
This rule does not apply to cosmetic changes or any change, that does not affect the theme or topic of the destination.
You can even change the URL of the destination, just not the theme or topic.

Change of Links and Ads:
If links and/or ads change and suddenly lead to unsuitable sites, the ad will be cancelled without refund.
For example, if you buy ads leading to a prayer site, and a week later we see forwards or ads on that site leading to a terrorist or child porno site, your ad will be instantly dropped without refund.

Voluntary cancelation:
If you sell out earlier than expected, you can cancel an ad. We will remove it without extra charge, but there will not be any partial months refunds. Only unused whole month's fees will be refunded, and only if the cancellation request is received at least one day before the start of a new billing month. Billing month refers to the date your ad starts, not the calendar month, for example six months, 14th - 14th, starting in October.

Please re-read the terms and conditions prior to ordering!
If in doubt, send your ad for aproval to BEFORE ordering.

After the first month, we will invoice you,
with a convenient PayPal button on the invoice.

# Type Size period Buy Now
1 Newsletter Side Cube Ad. Fixed for one month minimum or
for third party rating of audience responsiveness, check out
250 x 300 max, can be text, image, combo $250
Ad farm URL, where is the ad that we should use?
2 Site Side Cube on and Cube ad in the side menus, hundreds of pages use the same corporate side menu $250
Ad farm URL, where is the ad that we should use?
3 Combo #1 + #2 Combo Deal $350
Ad farm URL, ad to use

Newsletter Contextual Ad
One day. or
For third party rating of audience responsiveness, check out

Paragraph in the text area,
can include a small picture. Can be your banner, but text is usually more effective.

July Special: $100 / month
Ad farm URL*, ad to use
*YOUR ad farm or banner warehouse.
5 Postcard Site
One Major site per order
729x90 max, can be text, image, combo $250
Ad farm URL, ad to use
6 Postcard Site
One Major site per order
Short text link $100
Ad farm URL, ad to use

Ad farm: One of your pages, where you place the ad, that we should copy and use.
You can also email your ad copy to us at
If your ad changes in mid contract, for example price changes, email us and we will re-read the ad.
Topic changes are not allowed! You can add similar items, but not switch from prayer to porno.