Dear Webby's Humor Letter
widely read, forwarded, copied and imitated daily since 1994
Dear Webby's Humor Letter, daily since 1994
Clean humor and tech tips, updated daily! The Dear Webby Humor Letter is still the best Humor Newsletter and is available in text, regular HTML, and large font HTML for vision impaired readers. The Dear Webby Humor newsletter is sent from a server that has a Listed Sender ID. It has an approved privacy policy and full contact information.
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Character Codes
ALT+Number Combinations

The Character Map characters are made by depressing either ALT key, then typing the following numbers - using the numeric keypad on the right side of keyboard. For example: ALT + 0128 = €    The letter appears after the Alt key is released.

Four digits
¤    Alt+0164
×    Alt+0215
÷    Alt+0247
¶    Alt+0182
±    Alt+0177
§    Alt+0167
«    Alt+0171
»    Alt+0187
¦    Alt+0166
©    Alt+0169
®    Alt+0174
á    Alt+0225
à    Alt+0224
â    Alt+0226
ä    Alt+0228
å    Alt+0229
Á    Alt+0193
à   Alt+0195
Ä    Alt+0196
Å    Alt+0197
À    Alt+0192
æ    Alt+0230
Æ    Alt+0198
ç    Alt+0231
Ç    Alt+0199
ê    Alt+0234
é    Alt+0233
ë    Alt+0235
è    Alt+0232
Ê    Alt+0202
Ë    Alt+0203
É    Alt+0201
È    Alt+0200
í   Alt+0237
ï    Alt+0239
î    Alt+0238
ì    Alt+0236
Í    Alt+0205
Ì    Alt+0204
Π   Alt+0206
Ï    Alt+0207
ñ    Alt+0241
Ñ    Alt+0209
ô    Alt+0244
ö    Alt+0246
ò    Alt+0242
õ    Alt+0245
ó    Alt+0243
ø    Alt+0248
Ó    Alt+0211
Ô    Alt+0212
Õ    Alt+0213
Ø    Alt+0216
Ö    Alt+0214
Ò    Alt+0210
ú    Alt+0250
ü    Alt+0252
û    Alt+0251
ù    Alt+0249
Ù    Alt+0217
Ú    Alt+0218
Ü    Alt+0220
Û    Alt+0219
ÿ    Alt+0255
ý    Alt+0253
Ý    Alt+0221
ª    Alt+0170
Þ    Alt+0222
þ    Alt+0254
ß    Alt+0223
µ    Alt+0181
Р   Alt+0208
º    Alt+0186
    (large bullet)
¬    Alt+0172
¿    Alt+0191
¡    Alt+0161
¥    Alt+0165
£    Alt+0163
¢    Alt+0162
¹    Alt+0185
²    Alt+0178
³    Alt+0179
½    Alt+0189
¼    Alt+0188
¾    Alt+0190
€    Alt+0128

Three Digits
Ç   Alt+128
ü   Alt+129
é   Alt+130
â   Alt+131
ä   Alt+132
à   Alt+133
å   Alt+134
ç   Alt+135
ê   Alt+136
ë   Alt+137
è   Alt+138
ï   Alt+139
î   Alt+140
ì   Alt+141
Ä   Alt+142
Å   Alt+143
É   Alt+144
æ   Alt+145
Æ   Alt+146
ô   Alt+147
ö   Alt+148
ò   Alt+149
û   Alt+150
ù   Alt+151
ÿ   Alt+152
Ö   Alt+153
Ü   Alt+154
á   Alt+160
í   Alt+161
ó   Alt+162
ú   Alt+163
ñ   Alt+164
Ñ   Alt+165
º     Alt+167
¿    Alt+168
°     Alt+248
·      Alt+250
   (small bullet)
Ω       &#8486

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