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Registration Transfer

There is no legitimate, logical or technical reason to transfer registrations.

NOTE: Changing web hosts or designers does NOT require a registrar move or changes to ownership any more than changing brands of gasoline for your vehicle requires moving the vehicle registration to the country where the fuel is imported from.

If somebody tries to con you into believing a change of registrars or to the ownership is required, report them to the police.

To change web hosts only the name server listing in the registration is edited to show the name servers of the new web host.
Yur ownership or registration is not affected at all. You remain in full control of your domain name.
Simply email us the names of the name servers of the new web host.
There is no charge for changing web hosts.

Because 99.99% of all third party initiated registration move attempts are fraudulent attempts to steal or get control of a domain name, or to prepare for such an action in the future, a notarized release signed by the legitimate owner is required, before the currently guarding registrar will unlock a domain name and allow a transfer.

Because the currently very popular scam move requests, that are spammed to Millions of domain owners, usually turn out to an illegitimate ownership transfers or unreasonable payment demands while the domain is held hostage, a registrar transfer is treated the same as an ownership transfer. ICANN instituted the Domain Lock to to enable the guarding registrars to verify the legitimacy of a move request .
As is seen with spam, forging sender addresses in email is easy. To protect the legitimate domain owner and safeguard their property, currently a notarized release is the only acceptable method to authorize a registration move and/or ownership transfer.

There are two forms available to safely make your transfer: (no other forms are accepted)

Required: Domain Name Lock Release Authorization

Optional: Domain Name Registrar / Ownership Re-Assignement

The first form autorizes the release of a domain name, the second form limits the release to one specified new registrar / owner.

To make sure that the forms print properly on any system, they are in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader, here are links to the two most popular PDF readers. Both are free.

PDF readers for reading and printing forms, e-books, manuals, etc.
Foxit PDF reader
ADOBE Reader

Mail the notarized form(s) to

Webby, inc
Box 646
Black Diamond, AB T0L 0H0

or to your currently guarding registrar.
(The forms are free to use for anybody)