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We use and have used toner and ink and ink cartridges from Atlantic Inkjet. com for over a dozen years and are very satisfied with their inks and their friendly support for all printers. If you need some printer ink, we can highly recommend them.

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30 day trial

This is the Mail Washer that I use and have used for almost 3 years. I have tested many others, but Mail Washer is still The Best spam control.
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Check out these Resources and Essentials.
We use them and can highly recommend them.

Some of these programs are fairly large and may take some time to download!

Crap Cleaner Safely get rid of tons of useless crap left over from old, obsolete updates, temp files, lost file fragments, etc.

To protect yourself against spyware,
I recommend

To deal with spam,
I recommend MailWasher

PUTTY Secure Shell Telnet. Free SSH program, much better than Telnet and perfectly safe.

Belarc Advisor This program does a fast but thorough inventory of your computer and shows all installed hardware components like make and model of each drive, and of all software installed, and it's location in your computer. Not just essential for troubleshooting or for a pre-repair inventory, but also handy to file with your insurance.

PDF readers for reading e-books, manuals, forms
Foxit PDF reader
ADOBE Reader

Strip >>> from forwarded mail

Icon Hider from JC Matt. This program puts an icon into your task bar. One click of it hides the icons on your desktop. Next time you click that taskbar icon, all your desktop icons return in their old places.

Anfy Java Applets Anfy Java applets and applet manager for easy configuration and customization of the applets.

NOTEmaid Handy clean editor for anything from CGI to quick notes to HTML pages. Works in clean ASCII.

UltraEdit Advanced CLEAN text editor. Lots of options, for example editing in UNIX standard without converting to DOS standard. Highly recommended.

Webedit 3.11 Excellent web page editor for advanced webmasters.

EUDORA Excellent and easy, full featured e-mail program. 4.5MB
Note: This download is an older and smaller version than you can get at , but it will work fine on older PCs. Ideal when travelling. If you have room, I recommend Eudora 6

Pegasus Excellent, full featured, advanced e-mail program. Only 2MB !
Or try the Newest version of Pegasus

FTP Programs FTP Programs
LEAP FTP Full featured, rock solid. 30 day trial, then $30

WS_FTP LE (limited) is free,
PRO 30 day trial, then $40. The WS_FTP PRO is nearly as good as LEAP

FTP Auto Free, but awkward compared to Leap or WS_FTP

Magnifier A handy magnifier to use on pages with small print or small graphics.

Real Time Automatically checks accurate real time sources and sets your computer clock.

Winzip with info All instructions included.

DisKeeper The best defragment program for the newer versions of Windows

Software Post-it-Notes Programmable pot-it-notes for the computer. You can set alarms for them to pop up before somebody's birthday or appointment. The PRO version works across a LAN. Stick a Post-it-note on somebody elses screen. Life saver for sending messages across the LAN when the Internet is down.

Jenn's Midi Paradise Best collection of great midi files.

Colour This is the good old credit card sized color calc that lets you select a colour and paste the Hex number into an HTML file. Indispensable.

PaintShopPro I have used this one for everything from web graphics to circuit diagrams. And still do. Good enough that I cheerfully sent in the registration money.
(That's when it was still voluntary, for version 2. I have since then bought six upgrades) Highly recommended!

Animated Gif construction Set

Resolve DNS of visitors, ideal for spot-checking or doing a whole week at a time. Runs on Win95. Just download your access log and run RESDNS32 on it.

HTTP-ANALYZE for Windows Lets you run your stats yourself at whatever intervals you want.

The Cool Archive A goldmine of neat stuff for your websites.

ArtTodayPictures and Clip-Art. You can subscribe and get unlimited access to tons of pictures. Sometimes they have specials where you can access parts of their site for free. Normal subscription is under $30 per year.

Fotos Search Stock Graphics and Clipart