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Email Manual

Clients only: To order email addresses click here

For email rules and regulations click here

To read some basics about email in general please click here

Email Set-Up

To prevent abuse, all properly set up systems authenticate email where it enters the net.

After it is authenticated, the mail is then stamped by the SMTP server through which it enters the net with the a code that records where it entered the system and when.

Servers that do not require properly authenticated mail are called OPEN RELAYS and should be reported to . Spammers use open relays to disguise their real identity and to forge other people's addresses as their own. Without authentication they can get away with address forging and spamming. To help fight spam, please read the info at and report all open relays that you encounter.

ORBS maintains a black-list of servers that allow spammers to relay through them. To fight spam, many servers use those blacklists to block all open relay type servers. If your mail does not flow properly, chances are high that somewhere along the path of it it was blocked because your ISP or the ISP of the people who claim they sent you mail is an open relay listed in the ORBS blacklist.

Webby does not use the ORBS or similar blacklists as our only source of information to block spammers, however, like any server network we reserve the right to block any system that we consider a spam source. If your local ISP is a spam source, then it is up to you to encourage your ISP to become legitimate. We find requests to make exceptions to spam blocks quite funny and may post them on humor lists.

Ordering Email Addresses

For fastest results please use this format for ordering new email addresses or to have changes made to old addresses:

Your Name
Your main domain or your VAR name
Server name (for example webby-1163) POP-user-name
Password for POP-user-name

Send your email order requests to

Email Rules and Regulations:

  • SPAM: Spamming, the sending of unsolicited commercial email, will not be tolerated.
    Sending a Christmas card to YOUR clients is not spam.BR>Emailing unwanted advertising to people who have not had prior dealings with you, that is spam. If you are caught spamming, ALL of your email addresses are instantly terminated, not just the address that you abused.

  • SIZE: Mail boxes are not hard drive back-up locations. Check your mail frequently and try to keep the overall size of your mail box under 1 MB. That way if somebody sends you a big picture your total mail box size will not go over the 2 MB limit. When your mail box exceds the 2 MB limit, it is dumped to the trash to make room for fresh mail. While this handy feature may save you from having to answer a lot of boring mail, you COULD be missing important mail like a final invoice and cut-off notice from your phone company or local ISP.

  • ABUSE: using email for personal harrassment (-mailing legitimate invoices is not harrasment if it is not done more than once per week-), or for any purpose that is illegal, like for example copyright violations, will cause instant Punitive Cancellation. Punitive cancellation means any prepaid amounts will be considered a fine for breaking the rules and regulations. Depending on the severity of the abuse, there may also be additional punitve measures.

Even though these Rules and Regulations were developed and refined over the years by Webby, Inc staff for Webby use, feel free to link to them and adopt them as your rules and regulations for your clients.