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Email Basics


SMTP: The SMTP server at your dial-up ISP handles mail going FROM YOU to the world.

POP: The POP server at your domain or at your ISP handles mail coming from the world TO YOU

CC: "Carbon Copy"
A letter is also sent to each address in the CC slot. Each recipient sees who else gets the same mail.

BCC: "BLIND Carbon Copy"
A letter is also sent to each address in the BCC slot. None of the other recipients see any indication about the address in the BLIND (invisible) BCC slot.


OUTgoing mail

SMTP: You get the name of your SMTP server from your dial-up ISP.
NOTE: When you travel, you may be using different dial-up ISPs in different locations. To be able to SEND mail, you will have to put the name of the SMTP server of the dial-up ISP that you use at that time into your mail program settings.

When you dial up (or connect via DSL or cable) you are authenticated with your dial-up user name at that time. Normally that is all that is required to be able to send mail. If the SMTP server of your dial-up ISP is up to international standard, then you can use any "FROM" or "RETURN" address you want, for example your company address or a domain based address. If your dial-up ISP is not up to standard, go to a better ISP.

A normal OUTgoing mail set-up looks like this example:
Real Name: (From)

Return Address:

SMTP Server Name (Outgoing):

If your ISP insists that you to use a return address based on the ISP's domain name instead of yours, then RUN, don't walk, RUN to a better ISP fast. They are probably so far below standard that you would have problems with all kinds of other issues as well.

INcoming mail
The Incoming mail can be handled by either your own domain OR by the domain of the dial-up ISP. In the professional world you always use your own domain for the incoming mail and it is common to make your address reflect your department or position, for example, or and not

Having your address based on your domain, or the domain of a friend, has many very valid benefits:

  1. You can use the same address at work and at home
  2. You can use the same address when you are travelling
  3. Your address does not change when you switch ISP's.
  4. You generally have a more generous limit for the amount of mail allowed in your mail box.
  5. Domain based mails often have virus checkers that eliminate the most common viruses.
  6. When Gramma sends you a 3 acre picture, it would just plug up your dial-up ISP based mail. If you have domain based mail, most web hosts will gladly transfer it to your domain, from where you can download it at your leisure.
  7. When your address gets onto too many spammer's lists, you can change domain based addresses easily. Dial-up ISP based addresses are generally difficult to change.

A normal INcoming mail set-up looks like this example:
Mail Server: (INcoming,


Your mail program will prompt you for the password for the incoming mail the first time you check your mail.

Forwarding Mail
For mail that arrives for you at your dial-up ISP, like your dial-up invoices, there is forwarding. For that all you do is tell your dial-up ISP to forward your mail to your domain based address. They do that quite gladly, since it takes load and responsibility away from them.

And that's all there is to know about getting started with your mail.