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Hosting FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ is to answer questions from potential clients. Existing clients are contacting us directly for support.

Which software is installed by default?

All our servers are standard UNIX and Linux (we do not support NT)

Does Webby provide DNS services?

Yes, we run 3 DNS servers on 3 different physical machines. However we do provide domain name services for only our hosting clients (included in standard package).

Can I run cgi-scripts?

You can run cgi scripts from any directory (not restricted to /cgi-bin). You can run Perl scripts, compiled C and C++ scripts and shell scripts. When running Perl scripts make sure to rename all *.pl files to *.cgi. If you need help with installation or professional consultations on cgi-scripts we have experienced staff members to assist you. Installation of more involved scripts can be ordered in the secure cart.

Are there any restrictions on usage of cgi-scripts?

No, as long as your running scripts does not interfere with a server's functionality. If your scripts take too much CPU time or run unusually long we may kill those processes or disable them completely without any prior notification. It's your own responsibility to monitor your scripts performance and fix bugs (this does not apply to software provided by Webby, that has been debugged already).

How is the billing handled on expanding accounts?

  1. Averaging If you have more than one domain for which you pay a base rate that includes 10MB each, the disk usage and file transfer for all of them is totalled, and your paid base multiplied by the number of domains is deducted.
  2. Expansion You can expand and grow without having to notify anybody. Your increased disk usage and file transfer will simply show up on your next invoice. You pay the base rate in advance like a motor vehicle registration, and you pay for the actually used disk space and file transfer after it has been measured at the end of a billing cycle, like road usage after a month of weigh station reports have been totalled.
    Each line item on your invoice has a start date and an end date, so that you can instantly see which items are forward looking "bookings" and which are backward looking "usages".
  3. What is counted for Disk Usage ? You pay for anything that is INSIDE your www directory, plus anything that is in any cgi-bin or program directory that is accessible only to you. You do not pay for the logs, since they are outside of your www directory. On a busy site the hidden logs often use much more space than the public (www) area, however, don't worry about them, you are NOT paying for the logs. All your HTML, pictures, music, etc and also your stats results are inside your www directory, and are counted for your invoice. You can check your disk usage at any time you want by using Telnet or Secure Shell and using one of these commands:
    du -k     (detailed Disk Usage in Kilobytes)
    du -sk    (totals of your Disk Usage in Kilobytes
    du -sk|mail     ( mails the results to you)
    If you are not comfortable with Telnet, you can ask Tech Support to get those results for you, and you can also ask for help in avoiding duplicate files, trimming old stats results that you no longer need, shortening the "keep" period of your card files, etc. For invoicing purposes the MB number is approximated by shifting the decimal point of the du results three places to the left.

More detailed stats ?

We pay for the space to carry the logs to provide you with standard stats results. There is no extra charge for that. However, the results (graphs, referer lists, etc) are inside your www directory, and you may want to weed out previous years occasionally. If you need any help doing that, just ask Tech Support. If you accidentally also delete the current results, don't worry, they will be generated again automatically.

If you want more detailed stats, you can order the optional NetTracker stats. There is a $15/month license fee for NetTracker stats, and they only work on sites with small to moderate traffic, however, they do provide more detail than the regular stats.

Do you supply PHP and MySQL?

Yes, PHP and MySQL are on the servers.