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Welcome to Webby!

In case you deleted your "welcome" page - here is the copy.

This page has a lot of information for you about how to manage your empire or kingdom or county. We will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations and needs. Your business is truly appreciated.

Contact us when you need help at

Server details, tracer route and common programs location

To start you up, some quick notes about your account: Some of this info you might not need for years. Just save it somewhere where you can find it.

Important info

Web-visible directory is /www
YOUR html files, (and htm, and shtml, and jpg, and any other files to appear on your website) go into your /www directory and subdirectories below that.
You can create directories in your accout outside the /www, but you will not be able to see them from the web.
Scripts can be executed from any directory!
You CAN make a cgibin (don't use cgi-bin) to keep your cgi files easier to find, but you can execute CGI files anywhere. With Counties they go into the directory with your user name or subdirectories thereof.
Do not forget to set the executable permissions for your CGI scripts (chmod 755 filename with Telnet or FTP if your client supports it) correctly
Upload your Perl scripts in ASCII/TEXT mode
UNIX is case sensitive!
Remember that our system is SeNsItIvE to upper and lower case directory and file names
Don't forget default directory indexes!
index.shtml, index.html, index.cgi, index.htm are the default-loading home pages for any directory (directory indexes, in descending priority order)
SSI are enabled
Server-side includes (SSI) are enabled both for *.shtml and *.html pages. We fully support Webmonkey XSSI.
Preset directories
cgi-bin, stats and icons are default or commonly shared directories - DO NOT USE THOSE NAMES!
Don't delete the preset directories unless you are sure you won't use them (some are required for stats, etc.)


To save time and resources, your bill will be sent to you via E-mail ONLY it will be for next quarter usage charges, plus new accounts and/or extra features (if any) in the past term. For VAR's who may add items during a billing cycle, a live on-line invoice is available for them.

e-mail issues

You can have POP accounts ( and Vanity addresses. A Vanity address is that is forwarded to your POP account or to your ISP based mail account. We do not offer SMTP accounts, unless you have a static IP.

Mail Abuse
Mail is NOT a storage area and mail is not to be left on the server. The more mail you get, the more often it should be retrieved. If you can not retrieve your mail in a normal manner because of travelling, etc. tell us in advance so that we can make exceptions and not treat it as abandoned.
Minor Mail Abuse
"Oversize" (more than one MegaByte of mail left more than 24 hours) or
"Abandoned" (over half a MegaByte of mail left over a week) will be deleted automatically and without prior warning or subsequent notification. This is done automatically and no further action will be taken.
Major Mail Abuse
Address forging
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Service for more details

Major Mail Abuse will be treated on a case by case basis. We will not simply believe any accusations but will investigate thoroughly. If we find that a client has indeed commited a Major Mail Abuse, that mail account will be terminated.

Useful Links

Here are some links and pointers to areas where you can get further details on advanced web development, Unix, Windows NT, etc.

HTML and Graphics Development

Downloads for ALL your web needs
We got a nice collection of all the editors, FTP programs, ZIP, graphics, communicators, etc in one nice and compact download site for you on our Webby Mirror.
Traffic builder
Build your traffic with postcards. Join the free service here.
Texture Land
Many great ready-to-use background textures for your web pages.
HTML Validator
Quick and comprehensive way to check your HTML document code and spelling.

UNIX Help and Resources

A Quick Guide to UNIX 1
Useful starting point for those with no UNIX knowledge whatsoever.
A Quick Guide to UNIX 2
Continuation of the above, deals with permissions and the grep searcher.
UNIX Help for Users
Similar to the two links above, but goes into a bit more detail.
(Almost) everything you ever wanted to know about UNIX, or at least where to find it.
GNU Documentation
Full documentation relating to GCC, G++, libg++ and gdb GNU Unix programs.

Advanced Web Development

Galaxy's CGI- Common Gateway Interface
Some pointers on CGI usage
A great language to learn in the generation of dynamic documents (on-the-fly page creation) such as forms. Use with caution if your site has high-traffic!
The CGI Resource Index
An excellent CGI script and resource listing.
Matt's CGI Script Archive
A good collection of various free CGI scripts.
Selena's CGI Script Archive
Another good CGI script archive.
Sun JAVA Site
The official JAVA web site, by its creators.
Gamelan: Earthweb's JAVA Directory
Good source for many, many excellent JAVA scripts.
If you have any CGI questions, you'll probably be able to get the answer to them here.