Big Book Of Classic Christmas Stories

What's the Heirloom Book Of Classic Christmas Stories about?

It is a BIG e-book with all the stories, that your great
grandmother recited or read to your grandmother, when she
was a kid. I want these stories preserved.

You may know what it is about, when somebody mentions
"bittersweet love like in 'The Gift Of The Magi',"
but with today's education, your kids or even their teachers,
probably don't know. So I collected these classics and put
them all together into one e-book.

This book of Christmas Stories is a cultural treasure, that should
be passed on to our descendants. Since it is in e-book format,
you can put it onto a CD for each kid, and fill the rest of the
CD with family pictures and other keepsakes,
making it a true heirloom.

I have produced a smaller version last year. This final
edition has more stories and illustrations, but I kept the
price down to the same $10.

The Heirloom book of Classic Christmas Sories also makes a
nice Christmas Gift!

Big Book Of Classic
Christmas Stories
2nd Edition with more
stories and pictures
$10 instant download
Instant download in PDF format for hassle free viewing and printing.
By the way, there are NO refunds for downloaded e-books,
even if they use up all your printer ink or CDs.

192 pages, formatted for easy printing in full size format or in
paperback format if you have ClickBook.

The Heirloom book of Classic Christmas Sories was compiled
by Dear Webby, the CEO of Webby, inc and, and author of the daily Dear Webby Humor Letter, a newsletter with clean humor and tech tips published daily since 1994.