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Web Hosting Services

If you want fast and reliable HIGH TRAFFIC webspace at wholesale prices - we can help you. VARs and developers are welcome !

All prices are LISTED in US Dollars, but you can pay in other currencies too.
You can pay with PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, checks or money orders.

Web-Site Start How-To

What is involved in getting a profitable commercial site ?

Decide on a good DOMAIN NAME
  If you don't have a domain name yet, we'll help you register your domain name.
Domain name registration: $10 per year for top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz and .us). That's fully chaperoned registration, and you won't be stuck if your ISP forces you to change your email address.

If you are a Webby client, you can brainstorm with our marketing experts. We will help you find the ideal name for you. We know what works and what doesn't.
Order a Domain Name NOW!

Choose what type of web account YOU want
   High Reliability UNIX accounts on real SUN servers
  1. Proper domain like  
    A MUST-HAVE for serious business.     $3.05 - $10.20

  2. Sub-domain like
    Ideal for starting businesses       $2.00

  3. Multi-domain dedicated server. Put as many of your or your clients domains onto your dedicated server as you want. Real SUN servers, not Linux or Windows PC's: $450 and up
Place your secure order
  Our cart has been secure now for over six years. You can order in secured privacy. Click to jump to the HOSTING department in the cart.
Improve traffic and profitability

Search engines COULD theoretically help you if you have a unique product, but they are as dead as an old phone book. They are not the answer for a competitive business that wants to expand.

We can show you and help you to get automatically expanding traffic that does NOT involve spamming or search engins.

Why Webby?

Big RoutersThere are some webhosts that may be cheaper for low traffic sites. We do not try to compete with those.

At Webby we specialize on High Traffic and High Reliability and use only real SUN servers. We provide the best connectivity that is technically possible on the net.

LIVE Tech Support (for clients only !) Our tech support is not limited to server related issues but also helps out with HTML, design and graphics questions.

If you need High Reliability because your business depends on it,
or if you have higher traffic than the average web host can cope with,
then you need to be on Webby.

Webby has NO TRAFFIC LIMIT and no increase in rates at different levels. Traffic is simply $3 / GB for all traffic above the free 2 GB base ($3 / GB above the free 50GB base with dedicated accounts ).

At Webby we use seprate Dedicated Mail Servers to balance mail loads. This allows the web servers to run faster since they do not get bogged down with mail.

Just as important as Connection and Hardware is the coaching and help by the marketing experts at Webby, reserved exclusively for Webby clients.

Account Types
Read about ALL the different account types before making a decision. You may find a bargain!

With ALL accounts you get:

  • LIVE tech support via free chat (ICQ and MSN Messenger) and email.
  • Suitable for HIGH TRAFFIC sites **
  • 2 GigaBytes Traffic FREE, $3 per GigaByte above that
  • Additional Web Space: $0.50/MB
  • BEST Connectivity you can get for High Traffic sites
  • Standard UNIX on genuine Sun high-capacity servers
  • Suitable for carrying SECURE partitions
  • Rights to re-sell webspace AND full domains
  • Discounts on hosting and software that you re-sell to your clients *
  • Proper and full FTP and SSH (secure telnet) access
  • Detailed web traffic statistics
  • POP and forwarding email addresses
  • 3 Multiple Name Servers for alternate routing around congested areas of the Internet
  • Newest C++, Java, PHP and PERL software on the server and accessible
  • Full and direct tech support ALSO TO YOUR CLIENTS (but they don't have access to our sales and marketing departments. For that they have to go through you)

  • * You can get software or web accounts at a discount for selling to your clients if you have and use at least one of that particular item yourself and can describe and explain it accurately.

    ** Instead of the customary 200 MB monthly transfer limit you get 2 GigaBytes 10 (TEN) times as much transfer per month, FREE. If you go over 2 GB, additional GigaBytes of bandwidth are only $3.00 / GB / month.

    Here is how the accounts differ:

    Resellable, commercial webspace for developers and VARs
    You get everything in the  white box  above PLUS:
    The Empire is our First and top domain: 20MB - $10.20     Additional Web Space: $0.50 / MB
    All of your invoices get sent to THIS domain, not to your clients domains. YOU invoice your clients, (-who have the lower cost kingdoms-) as you see fit.
    Your other domains are on the same machine and below your Empire to make it easy for you to administer your client's domains.
    Note: You need only ONE Empire, because that is where all your invoices go to. All your other domains can be lower cost Kingdoms.

    Order Empire NOW!


    KINGDOM: For Empire owners only:
    Resellable, commercial webspace for developers and VARs
    You get everything in the white box  above PLUS:
    A Kingdom account has all the features of an Empire account, except for the invoicing. Invoices are sent to the Empire account, YOU invoice your clients as you see fit. Your clients never see what bargain you are getting.

    Order Kingdom NOW!



    Ideal if you have a domain on a low cost Windows or Linux machine, but need top reliability for a cart or postys.
    Resellable, commercial webspace for developers and VARs, or if your budget is restricted.
    You get everything in the white box  above PLUS:

    Examples of low-cost Sub-Domain account are:

    Order COUNTY NOW!

    With a COUNTY account you have all the same technical features as in an Empire, including separate User Name and Password, but with a COUNTY you do not need a registered domain name. You have much more freedom to choose an effective name.

    You are welcome to put as many clients into your subdirectories as you want, but with a COUNTY, you take care of your clients support needs yourself.



    SECURE partitions for EMPIRE account

    We are certified so that we can help you too to get a SECURE certificate, and we can set up SECURE webspace for your account.

    The THAWTE certificate is $120 per year, one time setup is $50

    PARKED (aliased) domains

    You can economically "park" other domains to act as transparent funnels to your main domain. One time setup is the same as for any domain: $50, monthly fee is only $1.00.


    Genuine SUN Servers with Standard Unix and sysadmin support included. Starting $450 / month. Write for a quote based on your requirements.



    You simply order the domain name. We do the red tape for you.

    The domain will be registered with YOU as the owner and us as the billing contact. That is to ensure your annual name registration renewal payment is paid on time, even if you happen to be on vacation or sick at that time. We simply bill you the $15 annual name registration fee on your next regular hosting invoice.

    Order a Domain Name NOW!

    Please read Hosting Service Contract before applying for any new account (includes Terms and Conditions of Service).