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Domain Names and Virtual Domains

What is a virtual domain?

Frequently the term Domain is used instead of Virtual Domain, and a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably. If you want to be picky, then "domain" should only be used when an entire server is dedicated to one IP number and one domain, and "virtual domain" when many domain names share the same IP number.

However, these days very few people are that picky.

Domain names used to be just memorable nicknames for hard to remember IP numbers, but now they are also used to subdivide the server space identified by an IP number.

What flexibility do you have with Domain Names?

That depends where you register. In some countries the domain name MUST be the same name as your registered corporation or the name in your passport. In other countries (like the US) the name must simply be free of goofy puntuation marks and not in use by somebody else and not obviously offensive.

How to select Domain name?

Use common sense. Don't choose a name to be offensive. If you choose a name that could be interpreted as an insult or improper by a large part of society, then chances are that that large part of society will put pressure on Internic to remove your domain name. Sometimes there is a very fine line between humor and hostility, and some special interest groups seem to be able to make a lot more noise than you can. Take special care to avoid offending the following groups:

  • Your local ISP
  • Women's groups
  • Animal Rights groups
  • Environmental groups
  • Religious groups
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Military
  • Governments

Avoid ALL special characters like !@#$%^&*()+.. The only one allowed is dash. Avoid the use of language specific characters. For example some scandinavian characters are only available on keyboards in those countries. The same with certain french or many eastern european characters. As a rule of thumb, use only the characters that are read and understood in all languages that use a standard key keyboard.

The extensions on the domains used to be a color coding, but nowadays they are usually just the next best choice after .com is already taken.

Because most people automatically type ".com" at the end, if they are not sure, that is the most valuable extension.
If you can't find a good name still available, try these extensions in this order:

Don't waste too much time getting frustrated trying to find a suitable name. Contact us and a coach will help you brainstorm for a good name that fits your business as well as fits ours.

How to register a Domain name?

To check if your chosen domain name is still available click here.
To register a domain name, go to the secure cart and fill out the details.

If you get a web account with us, we will perform the registration for you.

If you just want a domain name registration, without any webspace, we can do that for you for a nominal fee of $10.


What do you get from your domain registry after we register you there?

In a few days when you check the "Who-Is" your domain will show as registered to you. The better ISP's update a few times a day, some do it weekly. So after about a week your domain will be known to all name servers and they will all know how to send visitors to you.

What type of content is allowed on a virtual domain?

Almost anything, except:
  1. Activities that are illegal in Canada, USA or the home country of the site owner
  2. Child porno
  3. Threatening or slanderous material
  4. Material that has been copied or scanned without permission
  5. Any material and/or activity that would give us and/or our other customers a bad name. This includes spamming and any frowned upon mass mailing activities. You can mail to a clearly defined mailing list, but not broadcast indiscriminately.
  6. Any material and/or activity deemed by us to be a threat to the secure functioning of the Internet in general and our Network in particular.

For full details read Terms and Conditions of Service provided by Webby Inc.