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Traffic, the Basic Ingredient for Profit

What do we mean by Big Traffic ?

Lots of hits? No. Hits are meaningless except for bragging to Grandmothers.

Lots of file transfers? No. File transfers are meaningless except to web hosts.

With Big Traffic we simply mean lots of visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Why do you need Big Traffic?
  2. How can you GET Big Traffic?
  3. Linear versus Exponential Ads
  4. How can you Increase EFFECTIVE traffic
  5. Repeat Traffic

Why do you need Big Traffic?

Even a downtown store needs traffic to come inside. How many hundred or thousand people have to walk past a store window, before somebody goes inside and throws money on the counter?

Being listed in the phone book CAN help a bit, however experience has shown that passive advertising like that is not cost effective.

Active advertising like TV and radio that reaches out to people who have not yet heard of your service WILL cost more, but it will bring the crowds that you need to make a profit.

Exactly the same applies on the web. Unless you are the only site in the world that sells an item that is in great demand, search engines will not help you much. Just like a telephone book, they wait passively for somebody to look for YOU.

Even when someONE looks for you, and even if she or he finds you in a search engine, that's only one person at a time.

To be profitable you have to have much larger numbers of visitors. Just like at the street level, you have to show your goods to a certain number of window shoppers before somebody will stop and leave some money for you.

HOW can you get Big Traffic?

No matter how hard we tried, we never got a lot of qualified visitors from search engines. (Qualified visitors are visitors who buy or click). Occasionally the traffic from search engines reached almost, but never quite 1% of our traffic.

While that is still 100 times better than the totally over hyped and over priced phone book Yellow Pages listings, passive advertising is hardly worth a lot of time and effort.

If your current traffic or 1% of your potential traffic is good enough for you, then stick with just search engine submissions.

To attract MORE qualified visitors, you need to reach out and contact them, you can't wait for them to accidentally come across your listing in a search engine. Just like radio and TV ads spread awareness and knowledge to people who didn't even know they were interested, the same has to be done on the web to get the Big Traffic.

There are 2 types of active advertising:

  • Linear or Single Shot
  • Exponential or Wildfire

Linear Advertising

When you pay for each contact or visitor, and when that contact then normally ends there, that's what we call Single Shot or Linear Advertising. Examples are the shortsighted Pay-per-Click or even more shortsighted Pay-per Sale banner advertising. Theoretically, Linear Advertising might work for you if you are selling airplanes or real-estate, however we doubt that running at 1 of your potential is cost effective.

Not all banner advertising is short-sighted. CPM style advertising has worked VERY WELL for a lot of companies. Even though there is no exponential expansion, the branding that happens from long term CPM advertising can be quite effective.

Exponential Advertising

The obvious and best example for exponential advertising is postys, Multimedia Internet Postcards. Good postys usually cause a very drastic increase in traffic and business. Read more details about it.

The only danger there is that the increases can be more suddenly than expected. If the web hosting is inadequate and you get kicked out on a Friday of a long Weekend, that can cause a lot of suspicion on the web. Equally bad is running out of goods to ship.

Increase Effective Traffic

If you are looking for BUYERS of the goods that you offer, then accommodating masses of people hurrying through while they search for freebies is not very effective. Effective traffic is targeted or selected traffic.

A posty site with a specific topic efficiently sorts out the people that are interested in what you want to show. Checking your card stats daily helps you fine tune your selection and adding content "in the niche that works" will bring repeat traffic.

Repeat Traffic

Repeat traffic is necessary. Most marketers state that a concept or product needs to be exposed an average of seven times before it is bought. Luring anyone onto a site ONCE with a freebie is therefore not very effective.

What does work is CONSISTENTLY adding fresh content on the same topic. That does not mean you should throw out what worked today. It will work just as well tomorrow for fresh visitors. But you have to add fresh content for the repeat visitors. Because it is very important to maintain your corporate style while adding fresh content, posty sites are ideal. Once you have fine tuned the framework and style, you can re-use the templates and simply add fresh pictures.