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Good Morning,   !
Wednesday,  March 14, 2007

 "When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach
your goal; you do not change your decision to get there."
 Zig Ziglar

"Talent is a gift, but character is a choice."
--- John C. Maxwell


In his younger days our golden retriever Catcher often ran away
when he had the chance.  His veterinarian's office was about a
mile down the road, and Catcher would usually go there.  The
office staff knew him and would call me to come pick him up.
One day I called the vet to make an appointment for Catcher's
yearly vaccine.

"Will you bring him," asked the receptionist, "or will he come
on his own?"


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Three violin manufactures have all done business for years
on the same block in the small town of Cremona, Italy. After
years of a peaceful co-existence, the Amati shop decided to
put a sign in the window saying:
"We make the best violins in Italy."

The Guarneri shop soon followed suit, and put a sign in
their window proclaiming:
"We make the best violins in the world."

Finally, the Stradivarius family put a sign out at their
shop saying:
"We make the best violins on this street."


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======================================== Thanks to Chris for this story: An Irish daughter had not been home for over 5 years. Upon her return, her father cussed her. "Where have ye been all this time? Why did ye not write to us, not even a line? Why didn't ye call? Can ye not understand what ye put yer old mum thru? The girl, crying, replied, "Sniff, became a prostitute...." "Ye what!!? Out of here, ye shameless harlot! Sinner! You're a disgrace O this family." "OK, dad-- as ye wish. I just came back to give mum this luxurious fur coat, title deed to a ten bedroom mansion plus a savings certificate for $5 million. For me little brother, this gold Rolex and for ye daddy, this sparkling new Mercedes limited edition convertible that's parked outside plus a membership to the country club.... (takes a breath)....and an invitation for ye all to spend New Years Eve on board my new yacht in the Riviera, and...." "Now what was it ye said ye had become?" says dad. Girl, crying again,"Sniff, sniff....a prostitute dad! Sniff, sniff." "Oh! Be Jesus! Ye scared me half to death, girl! I thought ye said a Protestant'. Come here and give yer old man a hug!" ======================================== ======================================== , if you like the Dear Webby Daily Humor Letter, please vote for it at the Ezine Finder: Thanks for your votes! Give a free gift subscription to a friend! ======================================== Well, , that's all for today. have FUN ! Dear Webby

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