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Good Morning,   !
Friday,  May 4, 2007
Wear something red today to show your support of the troops!

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them."
--- Galileo


Thanks to Cookie for this report:

Jim was having reasonable success playing the stock market
when George expressed a desire to give it a try. Jim advised
him on what stocks to buy, what to stay clear of, etc.
In his list of "pointers" was the fact that George should
invest only small sums. But George threw caution to the
winds and six months later sent an email to

"So much for your darn "pointers!
Now send me some "retrievers!"


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A noted psychiatrist was a guest at a gathering, and Anni, his
hostess, naturally broached the subject in which the doctor
was most at ease. "Would you mind telling me, Doctor,"
Anni asked, "how you detect a mental deficiency in somebody
who appears completely normal?"

"Nothing is easier," he replied. "You ask him a simple
question which everyone should answer with no trouble.
If he hesitates, that puts you on the track."

"What sort of question?" Anni questioned.

"Well, you might ask him, 'Captain Cook made three trips
around the world and died during one of them. Which one?'

Anni thought a moment, then said with a nervous laugh,
"You wouldn't happen to have another example would you?
I must confess I don't know much about history."


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=========================================== Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to a man in Clyman, Wisconsin Wrong dancer April 24, 2007 - Clyman, Wisconsin - AP A Wisconsin man used his cell phone to call 911 after paying the wrong woman for a lap dance. According to the Dodge County Sheriff's Department log, the man called the emergency number early Saturday after he gave $20 to a woman at a Clyman, Wis. club. The woman did not work at the club and left with his money. Failing to get a lap dance, the man called the sheriff's department. Officers are trying to locate the woman. ------------------------------------------ The man must have been some big-shot local politician. Anybody else would probably have been fined for abusing the 911 emergency number. ===========================================
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=========================================== Thanks to Barry Mason for sending this picture: In case you were wondering.... What a nappy headed hoe looks like =========================================== Terri and Buzz, a retired couple from New York City, living in Miami, are getting ready to go out to dinner. Terri says, "Buzz, darling, do you want me to wear this Chanel suit or the Gucci?" Buzz says, "Do I care?" A few minutes later Terri says, "Buzz, should I wear my Cartier watch or my Rolex?" Buzz says, "Who cares?" A few more minutes pass and Terri says, "Buzz, love, shall I wear my five-carat pear diamond ring or my six-carat round diamond ring with the baguettes?" Buzz says, "Terri, I really don't care what you wear, but if you don't move your butt , we're going to miss the Early Bird Special at McDonalds. ===========================================
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There was an old lady named May, Took a stroll in the park by the bay. She met a young man, Who loved her and ran. Now she goes to the park everyday. =============================================
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======================================== A couple of Torontonians had just closed down their store on busy Yonge Street and were standing in the middle of their empty shop when one said to the other, "I'll bet you ten bucks that if we wait here a few minutes, some Newfie is going to come by, peer through the window, and come in and ask us what we're selling." Sure enough, just as he finished speaking, a Newfie stuck his face up to the window, looked around at the empty shelves and then walked over and asked, "How's she goin, b'y. I was just wonderin' what you fellas was sellin'??" One of the Torontians grinned at the other and replied, "We're selling idiots, friend", To this the Newfie responded, "Well, ya must be doin' some good business 'cause dere's only two o' ya left." ========================================
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