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Wednesday,  June 6, 2007

Any event, once it has occurred,
can be made to appear inevitable by a competent historian.
--- Lee Simonson

We are what we pretend to be,
so we must be careful what we pretend to be.
--- Kurt Vonnegut


Re Sue's flowers, the following guesses came in:
Libby: Hydrangea
Kim: Wild Hydrangea
Chris: They are called Cashmere Bouquet;  cleredendron

I looked that one up and it does seem a very close match.


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Thanks to Sandie for bringing back this classic:

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the U. S.
involvement in Iraq, here's a sobering statistic:
There has been a monthly average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq
theater of operations during the last 22 months, and a total of
2,112 deaths. That gives a violent death rate of 60 per 100,000
soldiers. The violent death rate in Washington D. C. is 80.6 per
100,000 persons for the same period. That means that you are
about 25% more likely to be shot or knifed and killed in the U. S.
Capital than you are in Iraq.

Conclusion: The U. S. should pull out of Washington.

Some nitpickers will probably want to snivel about those
stats being a few months out of date. Don't waste my time
with that. The point is in the punch line, not in how current
those numbers are.


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