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Saturday,  July 7, 2007

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness,
and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not
balanced by sadness.
--- Carl Jung

"According to a new study, children that snore get lower
grades...especially if they're snoring in class."
--- Jay Leno


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The surgeon told his patient that woke up after
having been operated: "I'm afraid we're going to
have to operate you again. Because, you see, I forgot
my rubber gloves inside you."

"Well, if it's just because of them, I'd rather pay
for them if you just leave me alone."


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=========================================== Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to McDonalds employees in Rockford, Illinois Not helpful at all! July 4, 2007 - Rockford, Illinois - CBS A genetic syndrome has left Illinois resident Dawn Larson without hands or fully developed arms. Larson has learned to lead a full life by using her feet. She's even able to drive. She says she's never had a problem in public until she went through a McDonald's drive-thru in Rockford last fall. Normally, Larson first gives the cashier her debit card to pay for the order and then grabs the food and drink with both feet. But at McDonald's she said they took her money at one window but wouldn't give her the food at the next window. Larson says she felt degraded. "I reached my foot out the window to grab the food," says Larson. "She set the food down, raised her hands up really high in the air and slammed them down on the counter. This was like violently." "'I am not doing this,' she screamed that at me, 'Absolutely not doin' this.'" The restaurant offered her a $10 gift certificate. She then contacted a lawyer and two months later experienced the same thing at a different Rockford McDonald's. Now she's suing the company for $4 million and wants it to improve employee training. "She was asking for no special accommodations, she just wanted to be treated like everyone else. And that's where I believe McDonald's certainly violated her rights," said Laurel Wykes Smith, Dawn's Attorney. McDonald's says it can't comment on Larson's lawsuit but it has a strict policy against any discrimination in its restaurants. ... 31037.html ===========================================
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=========================================== Thanks for Deeli for sending this picture: =========================================== Thanks to Susan for this story: After my husband and I had a huge argument, we ended up not talking to each other for days. Finally, on the third day, he asked where one of his shirts was. "Oh," I said, "So now you're speaking to me." He looked confused, "What are you talking about?" "Haven't you noticed I haven't spoken to you for three days?" I challenged. "No," he said, "I just thought we were getting along." =========================================== Get a Dish Network for as low as $19.99/month Free HD & DVR Equipment & Free installation Free Dish Network Satellite TV Systems We are nationwide Dishnetwork retailer! ================================== From the Tech Support Pits: From: Nicole Re: McAfee Quarantine Dear Webby I have had this computer for a bit over 4 years and lately it has gotten rather sluggish, especially doing a file search. When I was playing with DisKeeper trying to improve things, it told me that the File Allocation Table was too full. While trying to find out what filled that up with too many files, I eventually thought of McAfee quarantining all the crap that comes in the mail these days. No matter how hard or where I looked, there is no way to turn that quarantine off, and the only way to delete the Gazillion of files quarantined in 4 1/2 years is one at a time, IF the sheer number of them does not overwhelm the Security center. Well, it does! Why is that, and how do I get around that klutz-up? Nicole Dear Nicole I couldn't find an answer either, until I went onto some forums and asked. It seems that there is too much "64K Thinking" at McAfee. (Like Bill Gates once thought that 64 K was plenty of RAM for a computer). McAfee did not forsee the huge number of viruses and similar crap, that we get these days, and that there would be a need to clean out the quarantine when it reaches a certain level. They also failed to realize, that deleting files from the quarantine one at a time is kinda stupid if you are dealing with over 100,000 files. Well, on the forum I found out that the files are in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine Windows Explorer usually can't deal with directories with that many files. You can try deleting small bunches at a time until you have whittled it down to the point where you can delete the rest of them in one shot. If you can't whittle them down, go to DOS. Either use my old trick for making Explorer open a DOS window at the spot that you look at with Explorer, or do it manually (START, run, cmd) and type in cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine Because of the lame brained spaces in those directory names, you may have to try a few times. Once you are there, you can try the command dir That will show you how many files you got in there. Scary! After that, make double sure you are indeed in that folder, and type del /F /Q *.* That will delete all those files, quietly and without asking you if you are sure. It will take some time, but eventually the prompt will return. You can try dir again, and see that they are indeed all gone. Don't be surprised if your computer will act a lot snappier and faster after that. Naturally, I tried it myself, before passing on the information. I had 85,000 files in my Quarantine. To automate that rigamarole, I wrote a little bat and now I can dump the quarantine with a click on an icon. If you are interested in how to write that bat, let me know and I'll show you tomorrow. Have FUN! DearWebby ========================================== Save up to 70% on printer inkjet cartridges 100% Guarantee & Free shipping Discount ink cartridges, refill kits & laser toners. Recycle your empty cartridges - Save or make money! ========================================== Deeli's Kudos July 6, 2007 - Cardiff, Wales - Ananova Postman Ryan Davenport made a special delivery while on his usual round in South Wales - a baby. It happened when he reached the home of Melanie Newman on the St Mellon's estate in Cardiff, reports Sky News. The mother-of-three flung open the front door and shouted: "Help me! My baby is arriving!" Mr. Davenport, 27, immediately called for an ambulance on his mobile phone. But it soon became clear that the baby had no intention of waiting for the paramedics to arrive. As a result the postie turned midwife and, taking medical advice over the phone, delivered the baby himself. The child, named Sophie, was born safely in the hallway of her mother's home in Clos Maerun. Although three weeks premature, she weighed a healthy 6lbs 6oz. "I don't know what I would have done if Ryan hadn't come along," said 33-year-old Ms Newman. "I just shouted to him to come and help me. He was brilliant." Mr. Davenport said: "It all happened so quickly - one minute I was delivering mail, the next minute I was delivering a baby."
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======================================== The census taker knocked on Donna's door. She answered all his questions except one. She refused to tell him her age. "But everyone tells their age to the census taker," he said. "Did Miss Maisy Hill, and Miss Daisy Hill tell you their ages?" she asked. "Certainly," he replied "Well, I'm the same age as they are," she snapped. "As old as the Hills," he intoned as he wrote on his form. ========================================
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