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Good Morning,   !
Friday,  October 12, 2007

Wear something red today,
to show your support for the troops!

From Great Granny Vi: I was always taught to respect my elders, but it keeps getting harder to find one. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. --- Leo Buscaglia
Thanks to Dianne for this story: My girlfriend called me as she was driving to an appointment. She arrived, and I could tell from her voice that she was getting frustrated. Finally, she said, "I know I had my cell phone with me. And now I can't find it!" I replied, "Aren't you talking on it?" There was a solid period of stunned silence as the reality of the situation sank in - followed by, "You are NOT going to tell anybody about this!"
HOW TO KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOU ARE OLD First, you tell your friend that you are having an affair, * Then your friend asks you.... "Are you having it catered?" * That, my friend, is the definition of OLD!

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GROAN ALERT Last night, I was frustrated by a mole who was digging up the hill toward the house, leaving a trail of mounds. So, I went outside to take the hose and try to wash the mole out of its tunnel. As I left the house, I overheard my daughter saying, "There goes dad again, making fountains out of mole hills." Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to SouthWest Airlines Sniveling Stew October 5, 2007 - Tampa, Florida - AP Southwest Airlines said it will apologize to a passenger who was told he would be removed from a flight if he didnít change clothes, the second time in recent months the budget carrier has been forced to do so. Joe Winiecki, of Largo, Fla., boarded a Southwest flight in Columbus, Ohio, wearing a fictional fishing shop T-shirt which featured the words, "Master Baiter." Winiecki, who was traveling home, said he was in his seat when an employee told him he had to change his T-shirt, turn it inside out, or get off the plane. Winiecki protested that the airline was infringing on his right to free speech, but changed his shirt fearing he would miss the flight and a dayís work. Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said Friday the employee made a mistake because the Dallas-based airline does not have a dress code. The airline apologized this summer after a college student wearing a denim miniskirt and a sweater over a tank top was told to change her outfit or get off a flight departing from San Diego.

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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Pat Re: AOL Malfunction Dear Webby, A looooooong-time subscriber, I have received only this one humor letter since mid-September. I haven't made any changes to my cookie or security settings, checked my spam folder (you aren't there), and have you listed in my address book, so it should be clear sailing. HELP!!!! ~ Pat Dear Pat|Pat|humor That shows me that your subscription is being sent to you EVERY night. What is below, shows me that AOL censors your subscription: Subject: Returned mail: see transcript for details Auto-Submitted: auto-generated (failure) The original message was received at Wed, 10 Oct 2007 06:46:40 -0400 from humor@localhost ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- (reason: 554-: (HVU:B1) ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to >>> DATA <<< 554-: (HVU:B1) <<< 554 TRANSACTION FAILED 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable Reporting-MTA: dns; Arrival-Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 06:46:40 -0400 Until you get AOL to stop stealing your stuff, there is nothing I can do. PS. MY mail to you bounced back too. Maybe some reader can forward this to you. It might be time to graduate from AOL, or at least get a gmail address on the side. Good Luck! DearWebby
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A lady was taking her first golf lesson. "Is the word spelled 'p-u-t' or 'p-u-t-t'?" she asked the instructor. "'P-u-t-t' is correct," he replied. "'Put' means to place a thing where you want it. 'Putt' means a vain attempt to do the same thing."

Deeli's Kudos October 8, 2007 - Carrollton Township, Michigan - AP Officer James Kellett knows it's his job to serve and protect - even when it comes to nature's stinky black and white creatures. When a skunk with its head stuck in a salad dressing jar wandered into the Carrollton Township police station's parking lot, he grabbed a pellet gun and shot at the jar from about 40 feet away. The shots cracked and shattered the jar, leaving a glass collar around the skunk's neck. With its head free, the skunk ran off. "I didn't want to use deadly force, and it is a residential area," Kellett told The Saginaw News. "The way he was when he took off, he was able to eat, breathe and spray - and do anything else skunks like to do."

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Thanks to Liz for this story: The students in my third-grade class were bombarding me with questions about my newly pierced ears. "Does the hole go all the way through?" "Yes." "Did it hurt?" "Just a little." "Did they stick a needle through your ears?" "No, they used a special gun." Silence followed, and then one solemn voice called out, "How far away did they stand?"

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A wife and husband both talked in their sleep. She loved auctions; his hobby was golf. The other night, as they slept, the golfer yelled, "Fore!" His wife yelled back, "Four and a quarter !"

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Well, , that's all for today. have FUN ! Dear Webby

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