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Thursday,  October 18, 2007

Wear something red tomorrow to show your support for the troops!

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say. I just watch what they do. --- Andrew Carnegie Dear Webby, I am one of those aol folks that no longer receives your letter. No sweat. I just bookmarked it and pull it up everyday and still enjoy it. --- ThomKat
Two farmers, Joe and Bob, lived as neighbors, but didn't like each other much. In 1989, there was a period of -30 degree centigrade cold and Bob and Joe had nothing to do because of it. So they bet a bottle of moonshine who can sit out on the window ledge the longest with a bare butt. After two hours Bob's wife came home and asked Bob, "What are you doing?" Bob explained and she said, "Come on, you will only freeze your butt off." Bob refused as he wanted to win the bet. Then his wife got an idea. "Lets change places when Joe is looking the other way." Bob's Wife put on the same kind of pullover and cap and traded places with Bob. Half an hour later Joe's wife came home and asked him, "What are you doing?" Joe told her During a friendly argument, my husband asked me why I married him in the first place. "I was just stupid," I teased. When he said he was happy to hear that, I requested an explanation. "People get divorced all the time because they fall out of love," he said. "But I've never heard of anybody falling out of stupid."and said, "I am determined to win the bottle!" "You are crazy. Come on in." "Certainly not, I am already on the winning side. Bob lost his balls half an hour ago!"
Wilbur got a job on the railways as a steward. For the first day he accompanied another steward to learn the ropes. "It's very simple," said his tutor, "Just use diplomacy." "What's diplomacy?" asked Wilbur. "Watch me I'll show you". Off they went down the train corridor, rattling compartment doors, opening them with special keys and offering tea or coffee. When the tutor steward flung open one door he was confronted with a buck naked woman. Without batting an eyelid he asked "Tea or coffee, sir?" The surprised woman took the cup of tea and he shut the door. "Wow, did you see that cutie!" Wilbur said excitedly. "She had no clothes on. But hey, why did you call her sir?" "That's diplomacy! I did not want to embarrass her". Wilbur was most impressed with his teacher. The next day, on his own now, he flung open a door to a compartment and found a couple making love on the bed. "Tea or coffee, sir?" "Tea" the man replied. "And for your brother?"

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Thanks to Dave for ths story: The parents in our cycling group were discussing the subject of teenagers and their appetites. Most agreed that teenagers would eat anything, anywhere and at any time. Some were concerned that such appetites always made it hard to judge when you should feed them because they were always grazing. A veteran parent of six children told us of his method for judging the true hunger of teenagers. "I would hold up a piece of cold, cooked broccoli, and if they were jumping and snapping at it, I figured they were hungry enough to be fed." Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to John Odee, 43, in Lloyd, New York Punkin' Rage October 12, 2007 - Lloyd, New York - AP A woman says a neighbor attacked her inflatable Halloween lawn display of three ghosts and a giant pumpkin, then apparently smashed his head through her window in a fit of rage. State Police said officers found a drunken John Odee, 43, inside Dawn Garcia's house in the Hudson Valley town of Lloyd on Thursday night, arrested him after a brief struggle and charged him with burglary. Garcia told the Middletown Times Herald-Record she heard hollering and swearing and looked outside to see Odee struggling with the giant pumpkin. "He was enraged. I could see that," she said. When she yelled at him to go away, Odee charged the house. She fled through the back door with three of her children and heard window glass breaking. She called 911 from another neighbor's house. Police said Odee used his head to smash a window to get in. "What made him do that, I don't know," Garcia said. "We had the same decoration up last year and it didn't bother him." ... ource=mypi
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Rick Re: McAfee uninstaller Dear Webby, I don't know about Cherie but lately several of my friends have bought new computers with preinstalled McAfee. It won't uninstall. I finally found this link to an unistaller at McAfee's site that did the trick. ... s/MCPR.exe Download and run it if all else fails. Rick Dear Rick Thanks for that valuable information! I had not realized that some pre-installs miss the UN-install part. Have FUN! DearWebby

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Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room. The teacher says, "Why are you arguing?" One boy answers, "We found a ten dollar bill and decided to give it to the person who tells the biggest lie." "You should be ashamed of yourselves," said the teacher, "When I was your age, I didn't even know what a lie was." The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.

Deeli's Kudos October 15, 2007 - Providence, Rhode Island - Providence Journal Neither motorists nor pedestrians could ignore the man in the pale blue shirt and bright white sneakers yesterday morning standing between the Providence Biltmore and The Westin Providence hotels. He was offering something. “Good morning!” exclaimed Thad Davis to everyone around him. He twisted to the left, to the right, and checked behind him, leading always with a waving hand. “Good morning! ... How are you? ... Have a good day!” Davis, 41, a freight train conductor on the Norfolk Southern out of Bellevue, Ohio, arrived on his first visit to New England on Wednesday with his wife, Kathleen. She’s an assistant director of a residential-care facility back in Van Wert, Ohio, where the Davises and their four children live. She’s attending a mental-health conference in Providence. On Thursday, while his wife was at her conference, Davis, a curious guy, took his first stroll through a New England city, testing some of his preconceived notions of New Englanders. Davis had heard little about those from the littlest state, but during his walk Thursday through downtown and Providence Place mall he came away thinking Rhode Islanders were, well, kind of glum. Back in the hills of Polk County, N.C., where Davis grew up, offering greetings to people you meet on the street is as natural as chompin’ on pulled pork during a NASCAR race. He got an idea. While his wife took in her morning conference sessions yesterday, he would take to the street and try to brighten people’s spirits. By 8 a.m., he had found a nice spot at the tip of a traffic island across from Burnside Park. People stared. Drivers shot double-takes as they passed by his sign. Others offered obligatory waves, as reactive as swatting at a passing fly. But there also came cracks in all those glum expressions. One lady in a maroon sedan couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She rolled down her window and gawked. “Good morning! How are you?” said Davis. “Good morning,” the young lady said, then beamed back a wide smile before driving away. One police officer in a cruiser swung by and stopped, too. “That’s it?” he asked. “Yes sir, that’s all it is.” The officer drove away, grinning. “Some people sometimes looked at me like I’m silly,” he said. “Others just thought I’m panhandling until they read the sign again.” What did he learn from his three hours in a Providence intersection? “Well, the people seemed to appreciate it.… No one told me to screw myself.” Said Davis: “I don’t think I changed anybody’s life, but I hope I made their day a little better. Maybe it will become a movement.” ... dafe3.html

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Talk about having second thoughts upon choosing a place to eat. I went into this place in Abilene Texas and said to the waitress, "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse." She smiled, handing me a menu, "Well... you've come to the right place."

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Thanks to Dora for this Classic: During a friendly argument, my husband asked me why I married him in the first place. "I was just stupid," I teased. When he said he was happy to hear that, I requested an explanation. "People get divorced all the time because they fall out of love," he said. "But I've never heard of anybody falling out of stupid."

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Well, , that's all for today. have FUN ! Dear Webby

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