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Good Morning, ! Monday, Nov 19, 2007
Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch. --- Orson Welles Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody. --- Franklin P. Adams
Thanks to Sandie for this story: Our college just completed a new three-story building. While walking down a hall on the second floor, I overheard two students say, "I really like the skylights on the third floor." "Me too," remarked the second student. "I don't know why they didn't just put some on the second floor too."
My violin teacher was teaching a large group class. She showed them her violin and said, "This violin was made in the early 1800s." Someone in the class raised their hand and asked, "Did they mae it specially for you?"

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Thanks to Arnie for this story: I had an offer from a large company and they offered to fly me out to the meeting on business class. During the return flight we were given gourmet brownies and cookies. Not hungry, I decided to save them for later, so I placed them in a vomit bag. After the plane landed I got up to leave and a stewardess approached me. She asked, "Sir, would you like for me to dispose of that for you?" I said, "No thanks, I'm saving it for my kids." Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to two Detroit gas station owners Deadly price war November 17, 2007 - Detroit, Michigan - AP Detroit police say a war between two gas stations took a shocking and tragic turn with a station owner shooting his rival who was irate over a gas-price cut. The shooting happened around 10:45 a.m. at the Marathon station near the corner of Springwells and Fort Street in southwest Detroit. Investigators say the confrontation started when the owner of the BP station on that corner went to the Marathon station to discuss with its owner why he'd dropped the price for a gallon of unleaded gas to $2.93 per gallon, three cents less than BP. The discussion quickly escalated into a fight with two more people from the BP station brawling with rivals at Marathon. One man was hit with a baseball bat in the melee. And then, police say, the 51-year-old owner of the Marathon station pulled out a gun and shot and killed the owner of the BP, Jawad Bazzi, a 45-year-old father of five children. In a wild post-script, it appears the BP station took advantage of the shooting. While police were still swarming the Marathon station, the BP jacked up its prices. WXYZ's Bill Proctor reports that as soon as the owner's body was taken away, workers at BP changed the price-per-gallon of unleaded from $2.96 to $3.09. ... c69f90cff2
Thanks to Martin for sending this picture by his nephew Greg: Katydid (Order Orthoptera) and Snow-on-the-Mountain (Euphorbia marginata)
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Earl Re: Attachments in Hotmail I have a technical question. My email is from hotmail and recently (a few weeks ago) they upgraded their program and suddenly I can't forward anything that has an attachment. When I try it says "Show Plain Text" and behind any attachment is will have "Remove". Do you have any information on how I can get the program to forward attachments? Earl Dear Earl I have no clue how Hotmail works. Sorry, can't help you there. Maybe one of the subscribers knows and will tell me. Have FUN! DearWebby

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A stewardess approached a gentleman who was voicing his complains rather loudly. "Yes, Sir?" "I want to complain about this airline. Every time I fly, I get the same seat, I can't see the in-flight movie, and there are no window blinds, so I can't sleep." "Captain, shut up and pretend to be busy. "

Deeli's Kudos November 18, 2007 - Augusta, Georgia - CNN Walking into the Colur Tyme Tattoo Parlor is a lot like walking into a head shop. One wall is lined with gang monikers and symbols, the other with bongs for smoking marijuana and other drugs -- one even shaped like a skull. Only this head shop was a setup. It was a police front in a sting operation to bust gangs in this Georgia river city. Authorities said some guns sold to the shop were used in crimes just hours earlier. The idea was to create a place where the gang members would feel right at home, said sheriff's Lt. Scott Peebles. And that they did. On Wednesday, more than 100 sheriff's officers, state investigators and agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives carried out a major bust after an 18-month joint investigation into the gang activity. Sixty-eight suspects were arrested on charges ranging from trafficking of illegal weapons to serious drug offenses. Authorities seized more than 300 weapons, including high-powered assault rifles. The shop even put up its' own MySpace page. "You think it, we ink it" was the MySpace slogan. It featured the back of a tattooed man, and below in large red letters agents told visitors to the site, "We buy what others won't." Authorities said the guns came rolling in, and then came this week's bust.

A lady came to the hospital to visit a friend. She had not been in a hospital for several years and felt very ignorant about all the new technology. A technician followed her onto the elevator, wheeling a large, intimidating looking machine with tubes and wires and dials. "Boy, would I hate to be hooked up to that thing," she said. "So would I," replied the technician. "It's a floor-cleaning machine."

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In California's Sonoma Valley, where vineyards cater to wine snobbery, a woman phoned the classified ad department of a newspaper. She offered for sale what sounded like "well-aged Caumeneur." The ad-taker was unfamiliar with that particular, wine, but was used to the infusion of French words into the local vocabulary. "Could you please spell that?" she asked. "You know," said the woman impatiently, "C-o-w M-a-n-u-r-e".

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