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Good Morning, ! Tuesday, Nov 27, 2007
The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. --William James
Thanks to Sandie for this story: We purchased an old home in northern New York State from two elderly sisters. Winter was fast approaching and I was concerned about the house's lack of insulation. "If they could live here all those years, so can we," my husband confidently declared. One November night, the temperature plunged to below zero and we woke up to find our interior walls covered with frost. My husband called the sisters to ask how they had kept the house warm. After a rather brief conversation, he hung up. "For the past 30 years," he muttered, "they've gone to Florida for the winter."
A judge enters the courtroom, strikes the gavel and says, "Before I begin this trial, I have an announcement to make. The lawyer for the defense has paid me $15,000 to swing the case his way. The lawyer for the plaintiff has paid me $10,000 to swing the case her way. In order to make this a fair trial, I am returning $5,000 to the defense."

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The Judge admonished the witness, "Do you understand that you have sworn to tell the truth?" "I do." "Do you understand what will happen if you are not truthful?" "Sure," said the witness. "My side will win." "OK, then, if your side wins, you are guilty of perjury and will get ten years." Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Rev. David Baer of Whitewood City, South Dakota Sent in by Ross South Dakota town may rename Hooker St. The Associated Press | Monday, Nov 26 2007 2:01 PM Last Updated: Monday, Nov 26 2007 2:05 PM If the Rev. David Baer has his way, the Whitewood City Council will change the name of one of the northern Black Hills town's streets. Hooker Street doesn't quite lend itself to a family atmosphere and is offensive to some residents in the town of about 800 people, according to Baer. It's actually named after General Josph Hooker, one of the better known Union generals from the Civil War, but Baer said that even renaming it to General Hooker Street might not be much better. Any renaming would affect one resident and six water bill accounts, said Brenda Lindstrom, Whitewood city finance officer. The council is expected to discuss the request its Dec. 17 meeting.
Thanks to Sue in Birsay Saskatchewan for sending this picture of one of the Great Horned Owls that hang around in her yard:
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Cougar Re: Can't subscribe Dear Webby, I love your website but I have a problem. When I changed my e-mail address I could not resubscribe to you. Could you put me back on your list?? Address is ****** I would really appreciate this I miss you Cougar Dear Cougar "The e-mail address you entered, ******, does not have a valid MX record (nslookup failed)." You will have to contact and tell them to fix their MX record. It is quite easy, and if necessary, their web host will do it for them. The MX record identifies your ISP and sets it apart from fly-by-night spammers. Have FUN! DearWebby

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My girlfriend asked me if I'll love her in the morning. I told her it depends on what happens tonight.

Deeli's Kudos November 10, 2007 - Lima, Peru - Reuters A 4,000-year-old temple filled with murals has been unearthed on the northern coast of Peru, making it one of the oldest finds in the Americas, a leading archaeologist said on Saturday. The temple, inside a larger ruin, includes a staircase that leads up to an altar used for fire worship at a site scientists have called Ventarron, said Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva, who led the dig. It sits in the Lambayeque valley, near the ancient Sipan complex that Alva unearthed in the 1980s. Ventarron was built long before Sipan, about 2,000 years before Christ, he said. "It's a temple that is about 4,000 years old," Alva, director of the Museum Tumbas Reales (Royal Tombs) of Sipan, told Reuters by telephone after announcing the results of carbon dating at a ceremony north of Lima sponsored by Peru's government. "What's surprising are the construction methods, the architectural design and most of all the existence of murals that could be the oldest in the Americas," he said. Peru is rich in archaeological treasures, including the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in the Andes.

Bob's wife uses curlers in her hair after she washes it. She came into the Family Room as he was watching TV. He stared at her funny because she said, "I just set my hair." The last thing he remembers saying was, "Oh, really? And what time does it go off?"

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Well, , that's all for today. have FUN ! Dear Webby

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