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Good Morning, ! Friday, Dec 7, 2007 Today is Friday, wear something red to show your support for the troops.
Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business. --- Tom Robbins Nobody knows the age of the human race, but everybody agrees that it is old enough to know better. --- Socratex
A well respected surgeon was relaxing on his sofa one evening just after arriving home from work. As he was tuning into the evening news, the phone rang. The doctor calmly answered it and heard the familiar voice of a colleague on the other end of the line. "We need a fourth for poker," said the friend. "I'll be right over," whispered the doctor. As he was putting on his coat, his wife asked, "Is it serious?" "Oh yes, quite serious," said the doctor gravely. "In fact, three doctors are there already....!"
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Thanks to Martin for this story: Two men are out ice fishing at their favourite fishing hole, just fishing quietly and drinking beer. Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Rick says, "I think I'm going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months." Dave continues slowly sipping his beer, then thoughtfully says, "You better think it over - women like that are hard to find."

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On the way hom as I was sitting in the Phoenix airport, they announced that the flight was full. The airline was looking for volunteers to give up their seats. In exchange, they'd give you a $100 voucher for your next flight and a first class seat in the plane leaving an hour later. About eight people ran up to the counter to take advantage of the offer. About 15 seconds later all eight of those people sat down grumpily as the lady behind the ticket counter said, "If there is anyone else OTHER than the flight crew who'd like to volunteer, please step forward . . . " Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to David Gibbons, 30, from England Grinches December 3, 2007 - Kenfig Hill, UK - Daily Telegraph. A primary school has banned mince pies at its Christmas fete over health and safety fears. The headteacher has said the seasonal treats cannot be sold in case a child has an allergic reaction. Neil Davies, headteacher at Mynydd Cynffig Junior School in Kenfig Hill, near Porthcawl, said: "I have got to guarantee the health and safety of the pupils. I'm not doing it to upset anybody." But his decision has upset some parents, who argue home- cooked food is the healthier option and is, after all, what most children eat at home. Bridgend County Borough Council's cabinet member for education, Peter Foley branded the decision an over-reaction. "Children are going to be gorging themselves on home-made products in the Christmas season and I see no harm in them being on sale," he said. And one mum said: "It seems crazy - we invite our children's friends round for parties at home and serves up mince pies we've cooked, so what's the difference selling them at the school Christmas fair?" Pupils at another primary school have also been banned from wearing angel wings during their nativity plays over safety fears. Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary head Linda Mitchell said there was a risk the wings could catch fire from candles. --------------------- Depriving the kids of the lifetime memories of cheerfully stomping out and dowsing burning angel wings is CRUEL!
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Roland Re: Email virus Dear Webby: Please check this one out, see if it's true, Thanks, Roland This one is called the (FTC/DOJ COMPLAINT) e-mail: Another E-mail Virus I just came across a new e-mail virus that is starting to spread itself around the Web. It comes as an e-mail from the Department of Justice. Keep reading for all the details! ...Blah, blah, blah Currently, no antivirus companies have a patch to protect anyone from this attack.......... Hi Roland Just a BS hoax. Whenever you read "Currently, no antivirus companies have a ....." "Microsift announced..." "IBM announced ...." "AOL announced..." "FTC announced..." then it is BS. Guaranteed. Nobody reads mail from the Dept. of Justice anyway, unless they are some crook on probation. If you have MailWasher and McAfee, that kind of stuff never makes it to your mailbox. Have FUN! DearWebby

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One night, a lady stumbled into the police station with a black eye. She claimed she heard a noise in her back yard and went to investigate. The next thing she knew, she was hit in the eye and knocked out cold. An officer was sent to her house to investigate, and he returned 1-1/2 hours later with a black eye. "Did you get hit by the same person?" his captain asked. "No," he replied. "I stepped on the same rake."

Deeli's Kudos November 27, 2007 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - AP A longtime policy of letting prisoners in two local corrections centers stay up until 3:30 a.m. on weekends and holidays got an abrupt lights-out itself after a Thanksgiving Day news story on the practice. The policy had been in effect for about 2,200 inmates at the Milwaukee County House of Correction in suburban Franklin and a downtown center for those with work-release privileges. Ron Malone, superintendent of the centers, said the policy was already under review and probably would have been eliminated by January even without the disclosure about it in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The inmates had been allowed to watch television in day rooms until 3:30 a.m. on holidays, Fridays and Saturdays. A County Board member had reacted to the story by saying the policy didn't make sense. "What are we running here? This isn't a campout," Supervisor Mark Borkowski said at the time. "It isn't supposed to be fun." ... 1573.shtml

A hospital posted a notice in the nurses' mess saying: "Remember, the first five minutes of a human being's life are the most dangerous." Underneath, a nurse had written: "The last five are pretty risky, too."

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Nancy was studying to be a counselor always went into her counseling sessions with an ear muff over one ear. After a while the supervisor became very curious and asked her about it. She replied, "It's for confidentiality." "Confidentiality?" asked the bewildered supervisor. "Yes, confidentiality," Nancy explained, "I've been told what goes in one of my ears comes out the other, and I don't want anyone else knowing what my client says."

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Well, , that's all for today. have FUN ! Dear Webby

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