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Merry Christmas, ! Monday, Dec 25, 2007
Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. ---Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Thanks to Cookie for sending these links as her Christmas gift to you: Beautiful-Illusions Amazing-3D-Wall-Paintings Underground-Soviet-Submarine-Base Painted-Rock-Art Indian-Drug-Store Shopping-Overseas
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Thanks to Walter for the Classic Hippopotamus for Christmas And the story that goes with it: written in 1950, in 1953 the recording, sung by a 10 year old, was used as a fundraiser for the St. Louis zoo, they raised enough to buy a hippo: ... _Christmas

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My teenager was headed to school one morning when I told him that the neck tag on his shirt was hanging out. "I know," he replied. "It's a fad me and some of the guys started." Weeks later, as the style persisted, I commented, "I can't stand it! Every time I see that, I want to fix it for you." I gently tucked the tag in place and rumpled his hair. "Yeah," he said smiling slyly. "All the girls do." Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to a scroogy ex-garbage collector in Jackson, Michigan Scrooge December 22, 2007 - Jackson, Michigan - AP An ex-garbage collector made his way through one of his former routes, stealing holiday cards filled with tip money and even cookies meant for other trash collectors. Jackson County sheriff's Sgt. Bryan Huttenlocker said he received reports of stolen tips on Monday and Tuesday. The suspect, whose name wasn't released, was arrested on suspicion of larceny. "He knew what days the people were going to put out their garbage cans and would leave the tips," Huttenlocker said. A Jackson resident told authorities he placed a tip on the garbage can, then later saw the man take it and drive away. The resident said he followed the man, who then tossed cards and cookies out the window. ... r_oddities
Thanks to Dianne for sending this picture: Rudolph has been replaced.
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Paul Re: Dear Webby I have rec'd an email. Windows Mail. I cannot get rid of it. all attempts get a boxed message from windows mail stating "An unknow error has occurred. Everything I try, ends up with the same response. I had never opened it, and my honey doesn't remember opening it either. HELP PLS. Woe is to poor Swampy. Thanks again.. Have loved your letter for long time now. Years.. ? ! Thanks Paul Dear Paul Sounds like you sabotaged yourself with Vista. Just like AOL and Outlook Express, Vista is not allowed onto any Webby machine. I know how to format and exorcise Vista off a poor, innocent hard drive, but that's where my Vista knowledge abruptly ends. There is a known problem with Vista periodically corrupting the mail store and/or message store, putting WindowsMail at a reliability level just slightly below Outlook Express. There are some temporary tricks that you can find by googling for them, but so far there is no permanent fix for that problem. If you are stuck with Vista, try using Thunderbird or Eudora as your mail Program. Have FUN! DearWebby

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Robert and Peter had applied for jobs at a large company and had to take an intelligence test. Though both of them found the test a breeze, except that they admitted to being momentarily stumped by the final question: "Name a 14 letter word for someone in charge of a plant." "How did you answer that last one?" asked Robert. "I thought it was tough at first.... then I thought of Superintendent." "I think I got it right too," Pete said. "But I wrote down Horticulturist."

Deeli's Kudos December 21, 2007 - Montreal, Canada - Canadian Press A Quebec man has taken an entrepreneurial approach to clearing the snow from his property - he's selling it on EBay. Michel Levesque says the sale started as a joke but has turned into an innovative way to raise money for charity. Bids for the snow bank have reached just over $1,000, which Levesque plans to donate to a Montreal youth group. Levesque's snow bank in his yard just north of Montreal, measures more than two-metres high. He says it also comes with 58 square meters of surrounding snow, but adds the quality may vary by the time the winning bid picks up the snow bank next month. ... _bank_sale

While on a car trip, an old couple stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. The old woman unfortunately left her glasses on the table, but didn't miss them until they were back on the highway. By then, they had to travel quite a distance before they could find a place to turn around. The old man fussed and complained all the way back to the restaurant. When they finally arrived, as the old woman got out of the car to retrieve her glasses, the old man said, "While you're in there, you may as well get my hat, too."

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At a clearance sale, the wife of a federal district court judge found a green tie that was a perfect match for one of her husband's sports jackets. Soon after, while the couple was vacationing at a resort complex to get his mind off a rather complicated cocaine conspiracy case, he noticed a small, round disc sewn into the design of the tie. The judge showed it to a local FBI agent, who was equally suspicious, that it might be a 'bug' planted by the conspiracy defendants. The agent sent the device to FBI headquarters In Washington, DC for analysis. Two weeks later, the judge phoned the Washington office to learn the results of their tests. "We're not sure where the disc came from," the FBI told him, "but we discovered that when you press it, it plays 'Jingle Bells.'"

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Thanks to Sandie for today's Bonus Link: Celine Dion - Happy Christmas John Lennon Happy Christmas
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Well, , that's all for today. Merry Christmas ! Dear Webby

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