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Friday,  February 8, 2008
Wear sometghing red to show your support for the troops!

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. --- William S. Burroughs Late to bed and late to wake will keep you long on money and short on mistakes. --- Aaron McGruder
Message to JR: The sniveling ninnies at messed up your subscription, again. Time to get a decent email provider like gmail. There is never any complaint from the many Thousands of subscribers who use gmail, because it is more reliable than their ISP. Good luck! DearWebby
Thanks to Ross for this story: An older man approached an attractive younger woman at a shopping mall. 'Excuse me; I can't seem to find my wife. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?' The woman, feeling a bit of compassion for the old fellow, said, 'Of course, sir. Do you know where your wife might be?' 'I have no idea, but every time I talk to a woman with boobs like yours, she seems to appear out of nowhere.'

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Someone said this to me today, and I about laffed myself silly. Maybe you can clean it up a tad and use it. Jai...>^.^<... "Opinions are like asses. Everybody has one, And nobody thinks their's stinks." Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Nationwide Collection Agency Expensive Collection February 1, 2008 - Buffalo, New York - AP A collection agency tried to collect a $16.96 debt with a letter that addressed its recipient with a four-letter word for excrement. "Dear S---," began the letter attempting to collect from an old record club membership. The word was spelled out in the letter, which arrived in an envelope addressed to "S--- Face." "I've never seen anything quite so brazen," said attorney Kenneth Hiller. Under U.S. law, debt collectors are not allowed to use profanity to collect a debt, Hiller said, nor are they supposed to threaten legal action over such a small amount. Nationwide President Phillip McGarvey said the October 2007 letter was automatically generated . "S--- Face" is the name under which the account was opened and the way the coupon to start the club was filled out, he said. Hiller's client has signed an affidavit saying he never signed up for the music club membership under that name.
Thanks to Martin for sending this picture:
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Klaus Re: Vista Problem Dear Webby As per usual when I have a problem I turn to you for your always great advice. I ran Spybot yesterday and it came up with a the following problem 'Microsoft Windows Security Center. Task Manager'. Spybot has never identified this problem before. Spybot could not get rid of it and I am wondering if that is part of Microsoft Vista or if in fact I need to get rid of it. If so, how? Thanks Klaus Dear Klaus We don't allow Vista onto or near any Webby machine, and I still recommend getting rid of Vista and using XP. If you insist on using Vista anyway, you are on your own. Good Luck! DearWebby
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Thanks to Sandie for this story: Recently, a young woman came into my father's insurance office with her newborn twins. Dad asked her if she ever had any trouble telling them apart. She gave him a funny look before responding, "No, I haven't had any problem. This is Benjamin and that one is Elizabeth."

Deeli's Kudos February 6, 2008 - Pella, Iowa - ABC News It was a script from "The Millinaire" come to life for a couple named Alissa and Barry as they ate last Thursday at Dr. Salami's Cafe in Pella, Iowa. "He basically just came into the restaurant and started talking to us," Barry said. "He was most interested in whether we had any children." After they replied that Alissa did indeed have a 2-year-old child, the man slid a check across the table and asked the couple to fill out the check with any amount they wished. The two assumed he was joking and made the check out for $100,000. The benefactor signed the check and said, "I'm good for it," Alissa said. The next day Alissa and Barry were unsure of what they were going to do with the check. "We're either going to throw it away or try it. Let's give it a whirl," Barry said." So they endorsed it and, to their stunned delight, the check actually cleared and they received the gift of a lifetime. There were conditions on their enjoying the money. They were not to reveal their last names or to identify the source of the money. They were to use the cash to buy or build a house. And if they have a child together, they must name the child after the benefactor. The man told them that he regretted that he had never had grandchildren, which was why he asked them to name their next child after him, Alissa and Barry said.

Thanks to Sandie for this story: Since I was processing my first accident report at the transport company where I worked, I was being particularly attentive. The driver had hit a deer on the highway and the result was a severely damaged hood and fender. My serious mood was broken, however, when I reached the section of the report that asked, "Speed of other vehicle?" The driver had put, "Full gallop."

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Well, , that's all for today. Have FUN ! Dear Webby

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