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Monday,  February 25, 2008

Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? -- James Thurber
Thanks to Rubye for this story: My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife asked, "Do you know her?" "Yes," I sighed. "She was my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she has not been sober since." "My God!" said my wife. "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?" From Fred Olds Sr (is he a Senator?) My Dear Friend As you may have heard the Bush Administration said each and every one of us would now get a nice rebate. If we spend 0that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China. If we spend it on gasoline it will all go to the Arabs, and neither will help the American economy. We need to keep that money here in America, so the only way to keep that money here at home is to buy beer or spend it on prostitution, since those are the only businesses still in the US and plowing their money back into the US.
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Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to a 45 year old N.Y. parks employee Park Rage February 15, 2008 - New York - AP Police say a Parks Department employee took his city-issued golf cart on a rampage, running over and killing five birds in a public park. Police said they arrested the 45-year-old employee Friday evening after receiving complaints that he was driving erratically in the park in Lower Manhattan. He faces charges of reckless endangerment and intentional injury to an animal. Three pigeons and two seagulls were killed. ... 9768.shtml
Thanks to Dianne for sending this picture:
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From the Tech Support Pits: From: Bob Re: McAfee Total Protection Hi Webby, I got my new McAfee Total Protection and tried to install it. It stopped because of Spybot, so I removed it, or so I thought. McAfee still saw it and would not complete the install. I went back into the control panel and there it was. Tried to remove it again. Add/Remove told me I could not remove it because it wasn't there, but McAfee still sees it. I contacted the Spybot support, but have not heard from them about removing it. I'm lost! Thanks, Bob Dear Bob McAfee copied part of Spybot and now does not want the free Spybot to compete with their paid version. During the McAfee Total Protection installation they start a childish pissing contest between the two programs and leave the paying customer stuck without protection. The TeaTimer in Spybot has for many years done quite successfully what McAfee's Total Protection is trying to do. You will have to make up your mind whether you want the proven Spybot to take care of that part of protection, or McAfee's newest experiment. Personally, I think that McAfee's virus protection and firewall are the best, but their other stuff stinks. Have FUN! DearWebby

Thanks to Sandie for this keen insight: There are two times when a man doesn't understand a woman: Before marriage and After marriage.

Deeli's Kudos February 17, 2008 - New York - AP A skittish kitten that scampered out of its carrier on a subway platform has been found after 25 days in the underground tunnels. Transit workers tracked down 6-month old Georgia under midtown Manhattan Saturday. Police reunited her with owner Ashley Phillips, a 24-year-old Bronx librarian. After hearing that the black cat might have been spotted below Lexington Avenue and East 55th Street, track workers Mark Dalessio and Efrain LaPorte went through the area making ''meow'' sounds. Georgia responded, and they found her cowering in a drain between two tracks. Georgia had lost some weight and scratched her nose but was otherwise unhurt. She had disappeared while Phillips was bringing her home from a veterinanrian visit last month. ... subway.htm

A man goes to see the Rabbi. 'Rabbi, something terrible is happening and I have to talk to you about it.' The Rabbi asked, 'What's wrong?' The man replied, 'My wife is poisoning me.' The Rabbi, very surprised by this, asks, 'How can that be?' The man then pleads, 'I'm telling you, I'm certain she's poisoning me, what should I do?' The Rabbi then offers, 'Tell you what. Let me talk to her, I'll see what I can find out and I'll let you know.' A week later the Rabbi calls the man and says, 'Well, I called your wife. I listened to her on the phone for three hours. You want my advice?' The man said yes and the Rabbi replied, 'Take the poison

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I was in the express lane at the store quietly fuming. Completely ignoring the sign, the woman ahead of me had slipped into the express lane check-out line pushing a cart piled high with groceries. Imagine my delight when the cashier beckoned the woman to come forward, looked into the cart and asked sweetly, 'So which six items would you like to buy?'

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