Dear Webby, is Ballmer lying? 

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It's Saturday April 26

If little else, the brain is an educational toy.
--- Tom Robbins

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude toward us.
 Earl Nightingale:

I met Fran and Jane at one of the benches for smokers outside Dallas/Fort Worth airport. They were quite obviously nervous about their flight and had bought some flight insurance at the terminal. They told me that they couldn't make up their minds about who to name as beneficiaries, so they had ended up each naming the other. I was quite amused when I saw them both get up at the same time to board the same plane.
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Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to the city of Toronto, Ontario Bayonet the wounded April 25, 2008 - Toronto - UPI The owner of a downtown Toronto bicycle shop, that was destroyed in a February fire, is fuming about a $48,000 demolition bill he got from the city. Gary Duke's shop was among five old three-story buildings destroyed by the fire. He told reporters he received a letter this week from the city, demanding $48,348.94 to cover the demolition contractor's fees. "I paid my taxes and they covered fire trucks and the water. Why do I get charged for demolition?" Duke told the Globe and Mail. "And what demolition was there to do? My building was completely collapsed. The fire did it all for them." The other four property owners were sent demolition bills totaling about $30,000, the report said. Duke's insurance broker, Jeff Smith, said he's never seen a similar situation and called the city's demand "ridiculous."
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Remember the tumbleweeds drifting around main street in the old black and white Western movies? I am used to seeing them blowing around in the desert, and even occasionally getting tapped on the back by one when I am concentratig on taking a picture, but it is very rare to see one inside a town. When I saw one yesterday morning drifting towards the entrance of the store in Escalante, Utah, naturally I stopped to take a picture before the wind blew it away.
From the Tech Support Pits: Dear Webby's Tech Support Pits: From: Randall Re: Is Ballmer lying? Dear Webby, I read "Ballmer said the customers buying PCs with XP are IT departments who are having trouble shifting old machines to newer technology." Doesn't that prove Ballmer is a baldfaced liar? Are they really trying to kill XP? Randall Dear Randall Yes, Ballmer is deliberately and maliciously lying. Putting Vista onto a perfectly good XP machine would be like knifing all tires on an 18 wheeler, and nobody smart enough to get an IT job, would ever contemplate anything quite THAT stupid. Vista is good enough for people, who have never worked on a proper XP machine, but it is not good enough for the work place. Period. You can get more work done with a 10 year old Pentium and Windows 95. Dell and other manufacturers will be allowed to sell "Vista" computers with XP pre-installed and Vista on a DVD, so that Microsoft can claim it sold certain numbers of Vista systems, just like all the ones the Gates foundation buys to donate as tax deductible donations to worthy causes. It's a Potempkin Village scheme, and we all know it. Claims of certain numbers of Vista systems sold don't make Vista usable in the workplace. Vista is too bloated and can't be un-bloated or fixed by adding utilities. It belongs on the same shelf as DOS4. XP will be around until something better comes out. Have FUN! DearWebby

Subway Announcements: At Camden town station (on a crowded Saturday afternoon): "Please let the passengers off the train first. Please let the passengers off the train first. Please let the passengers off the train first. Let the passengers OFF THE TRAIN FIRST! Oh go on then, get run over by Big Bertha, see if I care, I'm going home." "I am sorry about the delay, apparently some nutter has just wandered into the tunnel at Euston. We don't know when we'll be moving again, but these people tend to come out pretty quickly...usually in bits and pieces."

Deeli's Kudos April 25, 2008 - Edmonton, Alberta - Gimundo Have you ever watched a paraplegic stand up and walk around? Visit University of Alberta in Edmonton, and you just might see the unbelievable in action. It's the groundbreaking work of Dr Richard Stein, a spinal cord researcher of forty-five years who has developed a device that delivers an electrical impulse to leg muscles, stimulating them to move. This tiny jolt of current would normally travel down the spinal column but for people with damaged spines, the Bio-8 Stimulator delivers the impulse directly into the muscle, triggered by the shift in someone's balance associated with walking. One of Dr. Stein's patients, 47-year-old Edgar Jackson, has one paralyzed leg, and has credited the doctor's innovative work with giving him a new life. "Dr. Stein has given me the greatest opportunity. I'll be able to walk my two daughters down the aisle one day." ... Walk_Again

Jim let his dog out to do his business late one night. He watched some TV and then remembered to let the dog back in. When he opened the door, he was shocked at what he saw! In his dog's mouth was his neighbor's cat, dead! "Bad dog! BAD DOG!" said the panicked man. He took the cat away and looked at it. He couldn't bring himself to tell his neighbor what happened, so he decided to clean it up and leave it on the neighbor's porch. He took the cat into the bathroom and washed off all the blood and dirt. It took him forever. He had to wash it four times to get it all cleaned. He brushed its beautiful white fur as he blow-dried it and put its collar back on. Since it was so dark, he snuck into the neighbor's yard and laid the cat down on the porch, in front of the door. The next day, he saw his neighbor. "Hi," the neighbor said. "Hi," replied Jim, nervously. His neighbor said, "Something weird happened last night." "Oh yeah? What's that?" asked Jim, sweating now. "Well, my cat died yesterday, got run over by a truck. What a mess! We buried him, and this morning he was lying on my front porch!"

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