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Monday,  May 5, 2008

People are, if anything, more touchy about being thought silly than they are about being thought unjust. --- E. B. White
Continuing the trip. From Hurricane to St George and brunch at Denny's was an easy Sunday morning start. After that a few precise turns, that made me glad I printed out the google map before the trip, and we were on Old Highway 91. There is very little traffic on that highway, just a few people wo want to avoid the Utah Port Of Entry weigh station and occasional vehicle inspection station. There had been a wildfire in the area since I last drove through. It was recovering nicely, but sure looked different. The hillsides were dotted with Indian Paintbrush Click on the thumbnail for the big picture Click on the thumbnail for the big picture Click on the thumbnail for the big picture and yellow flowering bushes. Click on the thumbnail for the big picture Cacti and flowers were in full color, often within a few steps of the highway. Click on the thumbnail for the big picture Old US 91 returns to the freeway in Beaver Dan/Littlefield in the Arizona Strip, the rugged little left top corner of Arizona you go through from Utah to Nevada. The I-15 is fast, and thanks to everybody ignoring speed limits, not too crowded. If everybody obeyed the speed limits, it would be bumper to bumper traffic and a real nuisance. We turned off it at Exit 93 and wove our way through some sleepy little towns down to the Valley Of Fire state park. Click on the thumbnail for the big picture that park has very nice pavement running between beautiful, rugged orange mountains. Click on the thumbnail for the big picture There was surprisingly little traffic, considering it was a Sunday and how close to Las Vegas it is. Click on the thumbnail for the big picture The return to Las Vegas was easy as usual. I avoid the nutty confusion and high prices downtown, and always stay at the 1000 Main Street Hotel in North Las Vegas. It is economically priced, has fast wireless Internet, a restaurant and a pool, they are generous about the coffee for the coffee machine in the room, and the staff are all long term employees. Not just the front desk people recognize me, but even the Mexican ladies that clean the rooms. Here is the view from the room I usually get for starting and ending a desert safari. Click on the thumbnail for the big picture Well, that winds up a beautiful trip. Next years trip will be a loop through Death Valley, Big Bear Lake, Joshua Tree Park, Organpipe Park, Tombstone, Bisbee, Lordsburg, Silver City, Eagar, Sho Low, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Prescott, Bagdad, Hoover Dam and back to Las Vegas. Have FUN! DearWebby
Thanks to Roland for this story: A Mexican maid asked for a pay increase. The wife was very upset about this and asked: "Now Maria, why do you want a pay increase?" Maria: "Well Seņora, there are three reasons why I want an increase. The first is that I iron better than you." Wife: "Who said you iron better than me?" Maria: "Your husband said so." Wife: "Oh." Maria: "The second reason is that I am a better cook than you." Wife: "Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?" Maria: "Your husband did." Wife: "Oh." Maria: "My third reason is that I am a better lover than you." Wife (really furious now): "Did my husband say that as well?" Maria: "No Seņora, the gardener did." She got the raise.
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Thanks to Deeli for this story: Three women: one engaged, one married, and one a mistress, are chatting about their relationships and decide to amaze their men.... that night all three will wear a leather bodice S&M style, stilettos and mask over their eyes After a few days they meet again..... The engaged girlfriend said: "The other night, when my boyfriend came back home, he found me in the leather bodice, 4" stilettos and mask. He said, "You are the woman of my life, I love you... then we made love all night long." The mistress stated: "Oh Yes! The other night we met in his office. I was wearing the leather bodice, mega stilettos, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat, he didn't say a word. We just had wild sex all night." The married one then said: "The other night I sent the kids to stay at my mother's for the night, I got myself ready, leather bodice, super stilettos and mask over my eyes. My husband came in from work, grabbed the TV controller and a beer, and said, "Hey Batman, what's for dinner?"
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Thanks to Deeli's Bonehead reports: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to the Indonesian Government Perks for mass murderers May 1, 2008 - Jakarta, Indonesia - UPI A married man on death row in Indonesia for the 2002 Bali bombings has been cleared to remarry his ex-wife, authorities say. The convicted terrorist bomber, who goes by the single name Amrozi, is facing a death sentence for murdering 202 people. However, the Indonesian government has approved his request to remarry his first wife, Siti Rohma, whom he divorced in 1987 after two years of marriage, PerthNow reported Thursday. Amrozi, 45, who is still married to his second wife, Astuti, whom he wed in 1988, will not be allowed a honeymoon or conjugal visit following the marriage ceremony, reportedly set for May 12, Jukarta officials have said.
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An American tourist was visiting a small village in Ireland when there was a sudden gust of wind which blew his hat off into the middle of a nearby pond. Walking over to a local, who was sitting beside the pond, the tourist asked, "Say, son, how deep is this pond?" "Oh, only a few inches," replied the local. After taking his shoes off and rolling his trousers up over his knees, the tourist stepped into the pond to retrieve his hat and, within a few seconds, was completely submerged in the water. Swimming out to the middle of the pond he finally reached his hat, and then struggled back to edge. Climbing out, he turned to the local and screamed, "Hey you, I thought you said that pond was only a few inches deep!" "Well," shrugged the local, "the water only comes half way up that duck over there."
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Jaye Re: Sound Dear Webby, Have Loretta go to start, open Run, then type in dxdiag then hit OK and the Direct X Diagnostic tool window opens. There she then hits sound and it will check the sound for her then tell her what is wrong. The next page will tell her if it needs to be installed. And you are right, Belarc advisor does a complete inventory of your machine. You recommended it to me long ago and it is fantastic! Everyone should have it on their desktop! Jaye Dear Jaye Thans for your valuable advice! Have FUN! DearWebby

I met a man who had been married for 66 years. "Amazing. 66 years!" I said. "What's the secret to such a long, happy marriage?" "Well," he replied, "It's like this. The man makes all the big decisions and the woman just makes the little decisions." "Really?" I responded. "Does that really work?" "Oh, yes," he said proudly. "66 years, and so far, not one big decision!"

Deeli's Kudos May 1, 2008 - Kalamazoo, Michigan - UPI An 83-year-old woman who set out after retirement to earn a college degree has graduated from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Mich. Ruth Stoeffler said she began her college career in 1995, shortly after the death of her husband, and took a wide variety of classes during the ensuing 13 years until she earned a bachelor's degree in social science studies, the Detroit Free Press reported. "I was by myself and had to do something," she said. "I wanted something interesting and challenging and fun ... I thought, 'I'm going to get myself a diploma from a university.'" Stoeffler, who walked down the aisle with classmates at the university's graduation ceremony during the weekend, told the Free Press she doesn't intend to use her degree to start a new career but she said she would like to parlay her knowledge and experience into volunteer work. Copyright 2008 by United Press International

Thanks to Sandie for this story: My husband seems to feel one should get their money's worth out of a vacation. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to frolic every minute or not, but once, while I was sitting in a beach chair on the sand, he came out of the surf and said, "This is costing us $300 a day and you sit there reading a book?!"

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Thanks to Sandie for this story: Because my mother had a habit of losing her cordless phone, I bought her a phone with a clip on it so she could attach it directly to her belt. A few days later, I walked into my mother's home and found her standing in the middle of the living room, halfway dressed. That didn't strike me as odd so much as the fact that she was holding her pants to the side of her head and speaking into them. "Don't look at me that way," she yelled. "The phone started ringing and I couldn't figure out how to undo this stupid clip!"

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