Dear Webby: How do I Remove Antispywaremaster? 

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The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology. --- Red Auerbach
A modern mother is explaining to her little girl about pic- tures in the family photo album. "This is the geneticist with your surrogate mother and here's your sperm donor and your father's clone. This is me holding you when you were just a frozen embryo. The lady with the very troubled look on her face is your aunt, she's the family genealogist who draws those trees with the family branches."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to a 25 year old woman in New York Too dumb to dress herself New York - Metro New York When a 25-year-old Manhattan graduate student who was assaulted Tuesday night got dressed that morning, she probably didn't anticipate that her T-shirt would provoke four teens into shoving her, pulling out her earphones and spitting in her face. Then again, with a shirt sporting the slogan, "Obama is my slave," it may have been wise to consider the possibility. Now she's suing the $69 shirt's "designer" for "all he's got," the designer claims. But the Israeli-born "designer" says what allegedly happened to his now-disgruntled customer isn't his fault and that his outrageous design reflects not his views but those of "ordinary WASPs." "For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president," the "designer", a recent immigrant from Israel, said. The "designer" claims that after the customer threatened to sue, he contacted his own lawyer, who assured him he was shielded by the First Amendment from any legal action. The ugly incident over the ugly shirt took place at 8:30 p.m. in Union Square when four African-American female teenagers accosted the student, cursed at her for her shirt and pushed her. The student walked away, but the girls followed her, one pulling the earphones out of her ears, another spitting in her face. ----------- Personally, I think the t-shirt printer should get a bonehead award too, for his extremely immature and stooopid comments. I don't know ANY Americans who associate black color with slavery these days. Menthol cigarettes, different fashion sense, different music, yes, but slavery does never come into conversation or consideration. I guess I am associating with totally different people than that Manhattan t-shirt printer.
The artist tried to concentrate on his work, but the attraction he felt for his model finally became irresistible. He threw down his palette, took her in his arms and kissed her. She pushed him away. "Maybe your other models let you kiss them," she said. "I've never tried to kiss a model before," he swore. "Really?" she said, softening, "How many models have there been?" "Four," he replied, "A jug, two apples, and a vase."
During the weeks before Jill's wedding, she was terribly anxious about making some mistakes at the ceremony. The minister reassured her several times, pointing out that the service was not difficult and she will do just fine. "All you have to remember," he said, "is that when you enter the church you walk up the AISLE. The groom and best man will be waiting before the ALTAR. Then I shall request the congregation to sing a HYMN....then we shall get on with the ceremony. All you have to remember is the order in which those things happen and you can't go wrong." The happy day finally arrived, and the bridegroom waited nervously for his bride to appear. When she arrived and stood alongside him, he heard her quietly repeating to herself, "Aisle, altar, hymn, aisle, altar, hymn." Or, as it sounded to him, "I'll alter him!"
Still available! Step By Step PC Tune-Up From the Tech Support Pits: From: Shelley Re: Antispywaremaster I have apparently been infected with a bug called antispyware master. Spybot doesn't see it, neither does my antivirus. I looked it up and it seems to be one of the most common, and one of the worst to get rid of because it changes. Do you, O sage, know how I got this, and how to get rid of it? I am very careful about my surfing! Thank you for everything, especially being someone we can ask and expect straight answers from. Have a great day! Shelley Dear Shelly From what I could find, it comes bundled with some stuff that you or your hubby agreed to get, without reading the small print. supposedly removes it. Manual removal instructions are at ... re-removal Have FUN! DearWebby

A son comes home from the Army. After a few hours, he finally gets to talk to his father alone behind the barn. "So, son, what did the Army teach you?" asked the father. "Well, they taught me how to kill people," said the son. "With what?" asked father. "We used all kinds of things, like guns and knives, but my favorite was the grenade," said the son. "What's a grenade?" asked the father. "Well, I brought one home to show you. You just pull this pin out and throw it as far as you can," said the son. The son proceeded to give a demonstration. Lo and behold, the son throws the grenade behind the outhouse. KABOOM!!! The outhouse is demolished. All the lumber and everything else lands in a heap in the yard. Grandpa sticks his head out of the pile and says, "Whew, glad I didn't let that one loose in the house!"

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A man was in bad shape. He constantly gasped for breath and his eyes bulged. The doctors could not determine the cause of the problem and didn't give him long to live. So, he decided to live it up. Withdrawing all of his money from the bank, he went on a shopping spree. His last stop was at the most expensive haberdashery in the city. He pointed out a dozen silk shirts. He wore a size fourteen. The clerk said, "Your neck looks bigger than fourteen. You need a sixteen." The man said, "I know my size. I want them in a fourteen." The clerk shook his head and said, "I'll get them for you, but I want to warn you, if you wear a fourteen you'll gasp all day and your eyes will bulge."

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