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You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty. --- Sacha Guitry When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him. -- Thomas Szasz
Thanks to Sandie for tis: The computer in my high school classroom recently started acting up. After watching me struggle with it, one of my students came up and took over. "Your hard drive crashed," he said. I called the computer services office and explained, "My computer is down. The hard drive crashed." "We can't just send people down on your say so. How do you know that's the problem?" "A student told me," I answered. "We'll send someone over right away."
Thanks to Dad for sending these pictures of his Peruvianus: evening night morning In winter this cactus is in his breakfast nook, that is why he has to keep sawing it off at 7 foot height.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Metro Hotel, in Woking, England Sent in by Linda Wounded Soldier Forced to Sleep in Car After Hotel Denies Him a Room A wounded British soldier home from Afghanistan on sick leave was forced to spend the night in his car after a hotel refused him a room. Corporal Tomos Stringer was told by staff at Metro Hotel, in Woking, that it was company policy to not accept members of the armed forces as guests. The 24-year-old had traveled to the Surrey town to help with funeral preparations for a friend killed in action. It was so late that Cpl Stringer, who had broken his wrist jumping off an Army truck as it was attacked, had no choice but to sleep in his tiny, two-door car, arm covered in plaster. Cpl Stringer, of 13 Air Assault Support Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps, has now returned to Afghanistan, but his mother, Gaynor Stringer, from Criccieth, north Wales, told The Times that she is still furious about the incident. Im very, very angry. Its discrimination. They would never get away with it if it was against someone of ethnic origin, she said. She said they had received neither an apology nor an explanation from the hotel, which is part of a family entertainment center called The Big Apple and owned by a company called American Amusements. "In America, they treat soldiers as heroes, said Stringer, whose son joined the Army when he was 16 and has done multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. ---------------- In America, or Canada, there would be roaring thunder from a hundred or more half ton Harleys of the Patriot Riders, and local reporters interviewing any potential hotel customers as to why they would want to stay at a hotel that bans injured soldiers. Even though a lot of us don't agree with the war or how it is conducted, we DO respect the soldiers. Deep down inside many of us realize that, quite possibly, those soldiers are not just keeping the ball and the action in the enemy's zone, but actually might be practising how to protect our precious hide, just in case it comes to that.
A country club didn't allow women on the golf course. Eventually, there was enough pressure that they decided to allow women on the course during the week. The ladies were satisfied with this arrangement, formed a women's club and became very active. After about 6 months, the club board received a letter from the women's club complaining about the men, urinating on the golf course. Naturally, they just ignored the matter. After another 6 months, they received another letter reminding them of the previous letter and demanding action. After due deliberation they sent the women a letter advising them that they had been granted equal privileges!
"The attractive man I met last night insists he just wants to be friends." the girl told her maiden Aunt. "Now I know what to do with a lover, but, what the heck do I do with a 'friend'?" The wise old lady smiled and said, "The same as with your lover, dearie, only not quite so often."
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Eddie Re: Wide Format Dear Webby, So what's up with the extra wide screen version? Have a great day..... Eddie Dear Eddie If you are referring to the way the new Yahoo screws up mail on Internet Explorer, try using FireFox as your browser. Or Opera, or Google Chrome. From what I hear, all other browsers interprete HTML newsletters OK. Have FUN! DearWebby

Keli got up late and was rushing to get ready for church. She ran frantically around her house, tore through her closet, threw her clothes on over her head and ran out the door to her car. When she arrived at the church, she saw a man coming towards her. "Tell me," she panted in her southern drawl, "Is mass out?" "No, ma'am" the man replied, "but yer hat's on crooked."

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John, a 72 year-old man went to the Doctor to get a physical. A few months later the Dr. saw John walking down the street with a gorgeous young lady on his arm. A couple of days later the Dr. talked to the man and said, "You're really doing great, aren't you?" John replied, "Just doing what you said Doctor, "Get a hot mamma and be cheerful." The Doctor said, "I didn't say that. I said you got a heart murmur. Be careful." "Too late!" John replied.
Interesting facts about Palin and Obama

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