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In America, through pressure of conformity, there is freedom of choice, but nothing to choose from. --- Peter Ustinov
Thanks to Gloria for this story: Two 90-year-old women, Rose and Barb, had been friends all of their Lives. When it was clear that Rose was dying, Barb visited her every day. One Day Barb said, 'Rose, we both loved barrel racing all our lives, and we rode Until we could hardly walk. Please do me one favor: When you get to Heaven, somehow you must let me know if there's barrel racing there.' Rose looked up at Barb from her deathbed, 'Barb, you've been my best friend for many years. If it's at all possible, I'll do this favor for you.' Shortly after that, Rose passed on. At midnight a couple of nights later, Barb Was awakened from a sound sleep by a blinding flash of white light and a Voice calling out to her, 'Barb, Barb.' 'Who is it?' asked Barb, sitting up Suddenly. 'Who is it?' 'Barb -- it's me, Rose.' 'You're not Rose. Rose just died.' 'I'm telling you, it's me, Rose,' insisted the voice. 'Rose! Where are you?' 'In Heaven,' replied Rose. 'I have some really good news And a little bad news.' 'Tell me the good news first,' said Barb. 'The Good news,' Rose said, 'is that there's barrel racing in Heaven. Better Yet, all of our horses who died before us are here, too. Some of us are here as riders, and some as horses. Better than that, we're all young again. Better still, it's always summer, and it never rains or snows. And best of all, we can ride all we want, and our horses never get tired.' 'That's fantastic,' said Barb.. 'It's beyond my wildest dreams! So what's the bad news?' 'You're running Friday.'
Thanks to Dad for sending this picture of a Haageocereus piece. Dad cut down some branches off a Haageocereus, that had gotten too big and had gotten a bit lazy about blooming. Then he cut some of those branches into foot long pieces and hung them up outside to dry, because they have a pretty lace sceleton that looks nice as a cover over the dirt in the pots. Two-three months later this one developed a bud, so he brought it into his breakfast nook. Sure enough, the next morning it popped a flower. Truly amazing survival drive!
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Antonio Vasquez, 22, of Fresno, California Sent in by Ross Burglar rubs spices on sleeping man, whacks another with a sausage and a dog eats the evidence By Louis Galvan, Fresno Bee Article Launched: 09/08/2008 11:11:25 AM PDT FRESNO, Calif. ó A burglar who broke into a home just east of Fresno rubbed spices over the body of one of two men as they slept in their rooms and then used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man on the face and head before running out of the house, police said. Fresno County Sheriff's Lt. Ian Burrimond, describing the crime as one of the strangest he's ever heard of, said a suspect was found hiding in a nearby field a few minutes later and taken into custody on suspicion of residential robbery. Deputies, he said, had no problem linking the suspect to the crime. "It seems the guy ran out of the house wearing only a T-shirt, boxer shorts and socks, leaving behind his wallet with his ID," Burrimond said. Arrested was Antonio Vasquez, 22, of Fresno. Burrimond said deputies headed to the victims' home near Kings Canyon Road shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday regarding a burglary in progress. The victims, both farmworkers, told deputies they were awakened by a stranger applying spices to one of them and striking the other with a sausage. Both the spices and the sausage, Burrimond said, reportedly were obtained from the victims' kitchen. After the man fled, the victims discovered the home had been ransacked and that some money was taken, Burrimond said. Burrimond said the money was recovered, but that the piece of sausage used in the attack was discarded by the suspect and eaten by a dog. "That's right, the dog ate the weapon," Burrimond said. "I tell you, this was one weird case."
Thanks to Sandie for this story: A priest was being honored at his retirement dinner after 25 years in the parish. A leading local politician and member of the congregation was chosen to make the presentation and give a little speech at the dinner. He was delayed, so the priest decided to say his own few words while they waited. "I got my first impression of the parish from the first confession I heard here. I thought I had been assigned to a terrible place. The very first person who entered my confessional told me he had stolen a television set and, when questioned by the police, was able to lie his way out of it. He had stolen money from his parents, embezzled from his employer, had an affair with his boss' wife and taken illegal drugs. I was appalled, but as the days went on, I knew that my people were not all like that and I had, indeed, come to a fine parish full of good and loving people." Just as the priest finished his talk, the politician arrived full of apologies for being late. He immediately began to make the presentation and gave his talk. "I'll never forget the first day our parish priest arrived," said the politician. "In fact, I had the honor of being the first person to go to him for confession."
Mrs. Jones sent her daughter Silvia to buy some groceries at the market. On the way she met some boys who asked her to climb up a tree and get them some fruit of which she did. She bought the groceries and got back home to her mother. Mrs.Jones: "Why did you take so long?" Silvia: "I met some boys who asked me to climb up a tree and fetch them some fruit." Mrs.Jones: "Silvia, you should know that when boys ask you to climb up a tree, all they want to see is your underwear. You shouldn't have done it." Silvia: "Mother, I know, that's why I took it off before climbing up the tree..."
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Jerome Re: Best Antivirus 2008 cleaner Dear Webby, The most effective way of removing Antivirus 2008 is to have a professional do it, as there are 127 registry tweaks, and numerous files to clean out, run Hijack and verify all the data, then the most effective of all the scanners in its detection and deletion is A Squared [www_softpedia_com] . Good piece of software, but once it has done itís job, remove it, as it becomes a resource hog. Sorry I havenít been around, but I had gall bladder surgery this week, so I was a little incapacitated. Hey, Have a terrific day. Jerome Dear Jerome Hope you get over the gall bladder hassle soon! That XP Antivirus 2008 sounds like the average professional would be overwhelmed by it! The cleaner you got sounds like an excellent tool! Get well soon and Have FUN! DearWebby

A tourist traveling down a country road in the deep south passes a young boy walking down the road with only one shoe on. The tourist stops the car and asks the boy, "You lose a shoe?" "Nope," the boy replies, "just found one..."

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From Anna Dear Webby, I need that Wheelie Bin joke that you once had. I wheelie need it! Anna Neville the Aborigine had been out of work for a long time and when he was offered the job at the council as a garbage collector he decided to take it up. On his first day things were going great until he arrived at one house and noticed there was no wheelie bin out the front. Neville thought to himself, "I wanna do a good job and not get fired from here but if they find out I missed one house then I will get fired." So he went up to the door and knocked on it. To his surprise it was a fellow Aborigine who answered. Neville breathed a sigh of relief and said to the other bloke, "Where's ya bin?" The man replied, "I bin on 'olidays," Neville then said, "Na, mate, where's ya BIN?" "I bin on 'olidays I tell ya," was the reply. Neville, slightly frustrated, says, "Na, ya f***en idiot. Where's ya Wheelie Bin?" The other bloke looked round to see who might be listening. "Well," he said. "I weally bin in jail but I'm tellin' everyone I bin on 'olidays."

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