Dear Webby, is Winweb OK? 

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It's Wednesday,  December 3, 2008

The least of learning is done in the classrooms. --- Thomas Merton Rogues are preferable to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest. --- Alexandre Dumas
Thanks to Ellen for this report: One day I found my five-year-old daughter, with the telephone, which she quickly hung up when she saw me. "What were you doing?" I asked her. "Calling Aunt Sarah." "How could you have called Aunt Sarah ?" I asked. "You don't even know her number." "Yes, I do and I did call her," the girl replied. I wasted a lot of breath trying to convince her that she didn't know her number, but she insisted she had made the call. "Okay," I said finally. "What did she say, then, if you called her?" "She told me I had the wrong number."
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In the commuter train car the conversation turned to the merits and demerits of various ways of preserving health. One stout, florid man held forth with great eloquence on the subject. "Look at me!" he said. "Never a day's sickness in my life, and all due to simple food. Why, gentlemen," he continued, "from the age of twenty to that of forty I lived an absolutely simple regular life -- no effeminate delicacies, no late hours, no extravagances. Every day, in fact, summer and winter, I was in bed regularly at nine o'clock and up again at five in the morning. I worked from eight to one, then had dinner--a plain dinner, mark my words: after that, an hour's exercise; then . . . " "Excuse me, sir," interrupted the stranger in the corner, "but what were you in prison for?"
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Thanks to Patti for sending this picture:
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Christopher Wayne Schwarz, 20, Brainerd, Minnesota Too dumb to be out of jail in Brainerd BRAINERD, Minn. (UPI) -- A Minnesota man just released from a detox center stole an undercover deputy's car for the trip home, the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department alleges. Christopher Wayne Schwarz, 20, was re-arrested after a chase that lasted less than half an hour, the Brainerd Dispatch reported Thursday. He faces charges of fleeing a peace officer and motor vehicle theft. "If you want to make a quick trip back to jail, that would be the way to do it," Sheriff Todd Dahl said. Schwarz was originally arrested early Wednesday at the county detox center. Dahl said staffers called police for help getting him into a seclusion room. He was released in mid-afternoon. Dahl said that someone had left the keys in the ignition of the car that Schwarz used for his getaway.
One day, Little Johnny visited a doctor for a vaccination. After the doctor gave him an injection, he tried to bandage around Johnny's arm. "I think you'd better bandage around the other arm, Doc!" "But, why? I'm supposed to bandage around the injected part of your arm to let your friends know not to touch it." "Doc, you really don't know how kids behave!"
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Ron Re: Is Winweb OK? Dear Webby, As I started to surf the web, this winweb gave me a free scan. They said they found 38 infections, and some are quite dangerous. A window popped up asking if I would like to rid my machine of these virus' I said yes and hit the key to do so, and all of the sudden they wanted $51.54 to purchase their program. Do you know if this is a reputable firm? I have some doubts. I ran a scan of my whole computer using Avast, they did find 5 spyware items but that is all. I would appreciate your opinion about this. Thanks for such a great newsletter. Ron Desr Ron You have been conned and you clicked to agree to be infected with ransom-ware. The 5 items Avast found were probably put there by that winweb. Better search the web for ways to get rid of that winweb. There might be stuff that Avast can't touch, because you clicked to agree to it. Here is a link to one remover of that crap: ... -2008.html Obviously, I have not tested it, but that remover looks legit. Have FUN! DearWebby

Thanks to Shirley for this report: I believe my daughter Janice wants a pair of glasses. I don't know why she does. Perhaps glasses are now "cool" to have in school? But though she sees just fine, she still says she needs glasses. I took her to the eye doctor just to check it out though. Janice was asked to read the bottom row of letters on the eye chart. She said, "All right, I can see the 'O' and the 'P' and the 'T,' but not the 'N' and the 'Z'."

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Recently in Traffic Court a man who received an expensive parking ticket testified that a uniformed Policeman had given his OK for the man to park there. The Judge asked the man if he would recognize the Officer if he ever saw him again, and the man replied that he would. The Judge then said, "Good. When you see the Officer again, tell him he owes you $57. Next."
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