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Good Morning,  !
It's Tuesday,  April 7, 2009

The average man, who does not know what to do with his life, wants another one which will last forever. --- Anatole France Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. --- Niels Bohr
A man dies and goes to heaven, and Saint Peter asks him what religion he belongs to. The man tells him, and Saint Peter says, "Oh, we have a lot of your kind here. In fact, we have a special room for all of you, so you can all be together." He leads the man down a long hallway with doors on either side. They pass one door and they hear a bunch of yelling and hollering inside. "Who's in that room?" the man asks. "Oh, those are the holy rollers," says Saint Peter. "They make a lot of noise but they're pretty harmless". They pass by another door which is nearly shaking off its hinges. "Who's in there?" the man asks. "That's the room for the Shakers," replies Saint Peter. Then they approach another door. Saint Peter whispers to the man, "We must be very quiet going past this door. Don't make a sound." They tiptoe past the door and when they get farther down the hallway the man asks Saint Peter who was in that room. "Oh, those are the Catholics. They think they're the only ones up here!"
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A fellow in a bar notices a woman, always alone, come in on a fairly regular basis. After the second week, he made his move. "No thank you." she said politely. "This may sound rather odd in this day and age, but I'm keeping myself pure until I meet the man I love." "That must be rather difficult." the man replied. "Oh, I don't mind too much." she said. "But, it has my husband pretty upset."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Eric Akia in Boulder County, Colorado Sent in by Karl A family of six was burned out of their straw-bale home in Boulder County early Friday after an attempt to thaw pipes with a blowtorch set the structure on fire. Cmdr. Rick Brough, spokesman for the Boulder County Sheriff's Office, said the owner, Eric Akia, was in the crawl space attempting to thaw frozen pipes when the fire started. Akia's wife and four children were inside the house, but escaped. Akia and his wife were treated at a hospital in Estes Park for possible smoke inhalation. The family lost almost everything, including their pet fish, Brough said. The family's three dogs, cat, parrot and pig were saved. The secluded home was on an unplowed road, making it difficult for firefighters to reach. Snowplows had to first clear the road.
Joe and Joan were sitting down to their usual morning cup of coffee listening to the weather report on the radio. "There will be 3 to 5 inches of snow today, and a snow emergency has been declared," the weather report said. "You must park your cars on the odd numbered side of the streets." Joe said, "Jeez, okay," and got up from his coffee. The next day they were sitting down with their morning cups of coffee. The weather forecast was, "There will be 2 to 4 inches of snow today, and a snow emergency has been declared. You must park your cars on the even numbered side of the streets." Again Joe replied, "Jeez, okay," and got up from his coffee. Two days later, again they're sitting down with their cups of coffee and the weather forecast said, "There will be 6 to 8 inches of snow today, and a snow emergency has been declared. You must park your cars on the..." and the power went out and Joe didn't get the rest of the instructions. He turned to Joan, "Jeez, what am I going to do now, Joan?" Joan replied, "Aw, Joe, just leave the car in the darned garage today, they won't notice."
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Rosemary Re: Lost Quick-Launch Dear Webby, I just lost all my quick launch toolbar at the lower left. How do I get them back? Rosemary Dear Rosemary Try right-clicking the Status bar click on Tool Bars and put the checkmark onto QUICK LAUNCH Have FUN! DearWebby
Each evening bird lover Tom stood in his backyard, hooting like an owl - and one night, an owl finally called back to him. For a year, the man and his feathered friend hooted back and forth. He even kept a log of the "conversation"... Just as he thought he was on the verge of a breakthrough in interspecies communication, his wife had a chat with her next door neighbor. "My husband spends his nights ... calling out to owls," she said. "That's odd," the neighbor replied. "So does my husband!"

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Daily tip from Make a "What To Do" List for Idle Moments Have you ever wondered how some people get more done than others? I have always believed that wasting time is as bad as wasting resources or money. I started taking stock of how much time I spend waiting for something, and the numbers will astound you! Example: I spend 30 hours a year waiting for my coffee to brew! If you spend 5 minutes a day, that comes out to be just about 30 hours per year! I spend about twice that waiting for a bus! And don't even get my started on the 20 minutes per hour that is nothing but commercials on each and every show I watch! So, I compiled a list of what I do while I wait. I hope this will help you not only in your time management, but perhaps even help you eliminate some things you may be doing that you don't even like! By Sandra from Salem, OR Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:

While Kathy is at her friend's house it starts to rain very heavily. Her friend tells her to spend the night at her house and go home the next day. When she hears this, Kathy rushes out the door and comes back a while later totally drenched and carrying a small, soggy paper bag. So her friend asks "Where did you run off too?" "I went home to get my pajamas!"
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