Dear Webby: How to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer 

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An American is a man with two arms and four wheels. --- Margaret Thatcher Tradition is what you resort to when you don't have the time or the money to do it right. --- Kurt Herbert Alder Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example. --- Mark Twain
Thanks to Sandie for this one: I was in the express lane at the store quietly fuming. Completely ignoringthe sign, the woman ahead of me had slipped into the express line pushinga cart piled high with groceries. Imagine my delight when the cashier beckoned the woman to come forwardlooked into the cart and asked sweetly, 'So which six items would you like to buy?' ----------------- Something similar happened at the store where I shop. The cashier processed six items, then hit some key that shut the till down and closed the exit gate, and said, she had to go look for the manager to get special authorization to process more items than the lane allowed. And left. I did too. Met Mary, the cashier, outside in the smoker's nook and shared a good laugh. When Mary told me that she was the shift manager, we lit up a second smoke. By the time we got back inside, the 250 item bimbo had gone to a different till.
A burglar, needing money to pay his income taxes, decided to rob the safe in a store. On the safe door he was very pleased to find a note reading: "Please don't use dynamite. The safe is not locked. Just turn the knob." He did so. Instantly a heavy sandbag fell on him, the entire premises were floodlighted, and alarms started clanging. As the police carried him out on a stretcher, he was heard moaning: "Can't trust anybody anymore!"
Thanks to Lillemor for this picture: That'll do for lunch. Then we'll get serious.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Scott T. Loher, 21, of Croydon, Pennsylvania Habitual Robber no match for 80 year old wellness fan. A violent would-be robber beat and threatened to kill an elderly man while trying to steal the 80-year-oldís car in the parking lot of the Wellness Center in Warrington Monday night, police said. Scott T. Loher, 21, who police described as being formerly of Croydon, was arrested shortly after fleeing the scene of the 9 p.m. assault on the 800 block of Easton Road/Route 611. According to authorities, Loher approached the victim as he walked to his vehicle and demanded the elderly manís car keys. Loher told the man he would shoot and stab him if he didnít surrender the keys. The man refused, and Loher launched an assault that resulted in a bone in the manís face getting fractured, said police. The victim was treated and released from an area medical facility, according to police. Loher was sent to Bucks County Prison following an arraignment before on-call District Judge C. Robert Roth, who set bail at $50,000. Loher is charged with the following felonies: robbery, robbery of a motor vehicle, theft by unlawful taking and attempted theft by unlawful taking. He also faces a misdemeanor simple assault charge.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Marnie Re: Transferring pictures from the camera Dear Webby Once upon a time, long, long ago, you mentioned the right way to transfer pictures from a camera. Since I didn't have a digital camera then, I didn't pay attention. Now I do, and need that info. Thanks Marnie Dear Marnie The best way is to take the memory chip out of the camera, and sticking it into the chip reader slot on the computer or into a chip reader plugged into a USB port. If you connect the camera with it's 6 Volt system to the 5 Volt system of the USB connector, the camera will try to charge the computer up to 6 Volts. Naturally, the camera batteries lose that battle and they get drained down to 5 Volts in seconds. They still work, but that valuable top is gone, and the number of pictures you can take on that charge or set of batteries, is drastically reduced. Have FUN! DearWebby
I boarded the train and took my seat. The seat next to me was empty, but not for long. A young mother boarded with her 4-year-old daughter and Mom sat down in the seat beside me. I offered my seat to the little girl but Mom said no, she'd sit the young one on her lap. So here I am holding my roses, now with a little lady straining to see what I was holding. "What ya got, mister?" she asked. (Mom is getting a bit flustered and tells her to mind her own business.) I leaned the "package" over a bit and she looks and says loudly, "Ohhhh, ROSES!, who are they for?" (Now, Mom is embarrassed and tapping her on the rear telling her to sit down.) I said, "They are for my secretary". She says again with a loud voice, "WOW, pretty RED ones, and a lot of them, too! You WEALLY must have squewed up!" Needless to say, nearly everyone on the train was in stitches, except Mom, who was now trying to crawl between the seats!
Daily tip from Using Less Toilet Tissue Sometimes (especially for children), it's easy to use more toilet paper than you really need. Although I don't have kids, I've found I use a lot less toilet paper by keeping a bean bag (or something similar) laying on top of the toilet roll. The bean bag just needs to be lifted slightly when you pull off the sheets you need and it makes me conscious of what I'm doing! Source: Just trying to save a few pennies here and there! By Peggy G. from Yulan, New York Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:

A minister, having served the same church for many years, decided to leave and take a better paying position in another church. Without telling anyone he had made this decision or writing a letter to the congregation, he waited until Sunday morning to announce his resignation in church. When he spoke to the congregation he said, "The same Jesus that called me to this church many years ago has now called upon me to leave and serve another church." The choir all stood and sang, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."
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A guy wanted to get in the temple on Yom Kippur, but without a ticket they don't let you in. He said, "Look, I just want to give a message to a friend in there." The guy at the door says, "Sorry, you got to have a ticket." The first guy replies, "Just let me in for one minute, then I'll be right out." "Alright," says the guy at the door, "but I better not catch you praying."
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