How do I restore from an emergency back-up? 

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"Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true." --- Polish Proverb "The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." --- Tom Clancy
Little Johnny's class was having an English lesson, and the teacher called on Little Johnny to recite a sentence with a direct object. Little Johnny stood and thought, then said, "Teacher, I think you have lost weight." "Why thank you, Little Johnny," the teacher said, blushing. "But what is the direct object?" "A good report card next month," he replied....
"When I was a youngster," complained the frustrated father, "I was disciplined by being sent to my room without supper. But my son has his own TV, phone, computer and DVD player. "So what do you do?" asked his friend. "I send him to MY room!"
The lawyer emailed his client overseas: "Your mother-in-law passed away in her sleep. Do you want us to order burial or cremation ?" Back came the reply, "Take no chances - order both, but not in that order."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to a 17 year old bank robber in Warwick, RI RI teen skipped school, robbed bank WARWICK, R.I. (AP) - Police say a 17-year-old Warwick boy who skipped school to rob a bank has been arrested after leaving fingerprints on the threatening note he passed to the teller. Warwick police Capt. Sean Collins said the boy handed a note riddled with misspellings to a teller Thursday, demanding money or "everyone will be shot." The teller at Coastway Community Bank gave the teen money, but he didn't have much time to spend it. Police said his image was captured on surveillance cameras, and his fingerprints were found on the note. Police said the teen was arrested six hours after the alleged theft and faces a first degree robbery charge. The teen, whom police declined to identify because he's a juvenile, was being held at the Rhode Island Training School.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Harlin Re: How do I restore from an emergency back-up? Dear Webby, I have been reading your emails daily and have found the information very helpful. I have a problem with my computer and just wondered if you would not mind helping me out. I really enjoy your emails - keep up the good work. I did an emergency backup and the information was stored in the D drive. I am unable to retrieve the information because the folder is locked. How do I get the information out of the drive and put back into the proper folders. Thank you for any help you can give me. Harlin Dear Harlin That sounds like you may have used one of the many back-up programs that compress and encrypt the files and then lock them, so that nobody else can use them. For privacy protection, that is definitely a good idea, but it can be a nuisance for retrieval. You need the exact program, that you used to make that back-up, to unlock, decrypt, and expand the files. Without that program, the back-up is just wasted space. Not all, but most of those programs allow you to restore just selected files, but some default to a complete, everything or nothing, restore. You got to be very calm, cool and focused when you do the restore, so that you don't accidentally overwrite files that you have updated in the meantime. In some cases, it is bet to rename those or copy them to a different location, so that they won't get overwritten by the restore. Have FUN! DearWebby
Michael strode in to his doctors office and said, "Doc, my druggist said to tell you to change my prescription and to check the prescription you've been giving to a Mrs. Rogers." "Oh, he did, did he?" the doctor shot back. "And since when does a druggist second guess a doctor's orders?" Michael says, "Since he found out that the birth control pills that you prescribed for me did nothing about my hemorrhoids, and the salve you prescribed for Mrs Rogers did not stop her from getting pregnant."
Daily tip from Use Your Oven Heat to Warm Your House After using your oven in the winter, turn it off and leave the door open so the leftover heat can spread into your home. Of course you need to keep small children away until it cools, but when it comes to conserving energy and money every little bit sure adds up. By Patricia from Imperial, NE Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:

Norrissa was nervous the night her new boyfriend invited her and her three young sons to an upscale restaurant for the first time. He ordered a bottle of wine with the meal. When the server brought it, the children became quiet as she began the ritual uncorking. When the waitress poured a small amount for Norissa to taste and handed her the glass, her six-year-old piped up, "Mom can drink a LOT more than that! Give her the bottle!"
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Aaron bought his wife a beautiful diamond ring for their Anniversary. His friend Benny remarked: "I thought she wanted one of those pretty 4-Wheel drive cars." "She did," Aaron replied. "But where in the world was I going to find a fake Jeep ?!!"

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