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It's Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. --- John Kenneth Galbraith The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. --- Thomas H. Huxley (Facts didn't stop Al Gore and the Algorian Sheep!)
An old Jewish woman has been invited to help screen a movie for the rating it willl carry. The movie is a remake of a Roman Gladiator-type movie. In the middle of the movie is a scene where the Romans are feeding people to the lions. The little old lady hits the buzzer she's been given, which stops the movie. The attendant comes down to her chair and says, "Yes, ma'am?" "This movie should be rated 'R'," she says, "because those Jews are being fed to the lions!" The attendant says, "Ma'am, those are Christians, not Jews." "Oh..... Ok. Well, start the movie up again." A few minutes later she again presses the buzzer. The attendant comes down to her chair. "Yes ma'am?" She points to the screen. "Those lions over there... they're not eating!"
A painter, whitewashing the inner walls of a country outhouse, had the misfortune to fall through the opening and land in the muck at the bottom. He shouted, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" at the top of his lungs. The local fire department responded with alacrity, sirens blaring as they approached the privy. "Where's the fire?" called the chief. "No fire," replied the painter as they pulled him out of the hole. "But if I had yelled about what is down here, would you have rescued me?"

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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Richard Anthony Flores, 25, of Chandler, AZ One man Bozo Parade A Chandler man suspected of standing through his open sunroof while speeding on Valley freeways has turned himself in. Arizona Department of Public Safety officers arrested 25-year-old Richard Anthony Flores on suspicion of reckless driving and criminal speed. Flores was involved in three incidents on Valley freeways. During the first incident on Nov. 6, Flores reportedly reached 90 mph in a 65 mph zone on the San Tan portion of the Loop 202 near Lindsay Road. In the other two incidents, Flores was captured on camera driving his Volkswagen Passat while standing through his sunroof. Those incidents occurred minutes apart on Nov. 11 on westbound U.S. 60 near Mesa Drive, then Alma School Road. Flores reached speeds of just under 80 mph, according to DPS. is car insurance is expected to be higher than his car payments for a long, long time.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Deeli Re: Taskbar is hiding Dear Webby, Had to reformat so lots of things are working differently now :-( I'll adjust ;-) The one thing that's driving me crazy though is that when I open email or Google they are completely full screen and not on top of the task bar anymore (hiding the task bar) :-( Is there any way to fix that or am I just stuck with it ??? It's a pain in the butt to have to minimize when several things are open and having to move them around to find what I am looking for instead of being able to directly minimize to the task bar :-( Deeli Dear Deeli Click Start Click Settings and then Taskbar and Start Menu Once in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window check the Auto-hide the taskbar option if you wish to enable this feature or uncheck this option to disable it. Depending on your version it might be worded differently, but meaning the same. Like most things, this works easier and more predictably in Classic mode than in Yuppie mode. Have FUN! DearWebby
Joe sets Jim up to go on a blind date with a friend of his. But Jim is a little worried about going out with someone he's never seen before. "What do I do if she's ugly and scary?" says Jim, "I'll be stuck with her all night." "Don't worry," Joe says, "just go up to her door and meet her first. If you like what you see, then everything goes as planned. If you don't just shout 'Aaaaaauuuggghhh!' and fake an asthma attack." So that night, Jim knocks at the girl's door and when she comes out he is awe-struck at how beautiful and sexy she is. He's about to speak when the girl suddenly shouts: ..."Aaaaaauuuggghhh!"
Daily tip from Keep Small Jars Organized in a Plastic Basket I live alone and have a pretty small refrigerator. I bought a little plastic basket from the dollar store and put all my jams, jellies, etc. in it on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator. It makes it a lot easier to find smaller items, just pull out the basket and it's all there. It's just something I thought up while cleaning out my refrigerator one day and found jars here, there and everywhere. By Barbara from Evington, VA Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:

Marietta phones up her husband at work for a chat. HIM "I'm sorry dear but I'm up to my neck in work today." HER "But I've got some good news and some bad news for you dear." HIM "OK darling, but as I've got no time now, just give me the good news." HER "Well, the air bag works."
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One day a family brings their frail, elderly mother to a nursing home and leaves her, hoping she will be well cared for. The next morning, the nurses bathe her, feed her a tasty breakfast and set her in a chair at a window overlooking a lovely flower garden. She seems OK, but after a while she slowly starts to lean over sideways in her chair. Two attentive nurses immediately rush up to catch her and straighten her up. Again she seems OK, but after a while she starts to tilt to the other side. The nurses rush back and once more bring her back upright. This goes on all morning. Later the family arrives to see how the old woman is adjusting to her new home. "So Ma, how is it here? Are they treating you good?", they ask. It's pretty nice," she replies. "Except they won't let you fart."

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