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It's Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. --- Augusten Burroughs A clever man commits no minor blunders. --- Goethe
Thanks to Cookie for this: I was out with family and friends at a local pub, and I really stuck my foot in my mouth! They had a contest going on at the pub —and of course we all joined in. I was doing quite well, proud of being able to answer all the questions. I lost out on winning the pub quiz by one point. The question was, "Where do women mostly have curly hair?" Apparently its Africa
Adam and Eve must have had a great marriage. Adam couldn't talk about his Mother's cooking, and Eve couldn't mention all the men she could/should have married.

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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Dorota Mildrowska in Otwock, Poland. Snake in suspect's bra Police arresting a suspected drug dealer got the shock of their lives when a 4ft snake suddenly nipped out of her bra. The python had been curled up around the breasts of suspect Dorota Mildrowska in Otwock, Poland. Police had arrested her over bags of amphetamines which they'd found at her apartment. Officers admitted they had not searched her immediately after her arrest to avoid breaching her human rights. "We respect human rights and so no one thought to look inside her blouse," said a police spokesman. They resisted the temptation to immediately shoot the snake, but are still researching how many laws Dorota broke.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Ann D Re: Can't send more than 3 lines Dear Webby, - have to keep this small. How can I check to see if I have clicked the wrong thing? Can't send out any but the smallest emails. Tried Eudora, Thunderbird and luck. Can you help? Thanks Ann Dear Ann You mentioned on Skype that "Anything over about 3 lines it says that my provider has terminated... or some such words...they haven't...spent hours with the "techs" at Shaw to try and see if it was them." Ann, when 3 totally different email programs produce exactly the same error, then the problem is not at your end, it is at your provider's end. The error "provider has terminated" spells it out clearly enough. You can easily prove it to them by getting a $9 Earthlink account, and then use Eudora to mail them a 25 MB PPS file. If they still argue, send them the same file again with Thunderbird and Outlook. Shaw has good connectivity, but they are traditionally very weak on the email side. Have FUN! DearWebby
Little Harold was practicing the violin in the living room while his father was trying to read in the den. The family dog was lying in the den, and as the screeching sounds of little Harold's violin reached his ears, he began to howl loudly. The father listened to the dog and the violin as long as he could. Finally, when he could take it any longer, he jumped up, and yelled above the noise, "For Pete's sake, Harold, can't you play something the dog doesn't know?!" ------ That reminds me, ... do you know the main difference between a violin and a viola ? A viola burns longer.
Daily tip from Picking Up Straight Pins I've been sewing on my kitchen table without using a pin cushion because I couldn't find it! So I took a lint brush, the sticky kind, to gather up the straight pins instead of sticking my fingers. Works great! By Tammy from NovaScotia, Canada Any magnet, even a fridge magnet, works fine too. Best are the flexible strip magnets for hanging up screwdrivers and pliers. If you glue a bit of sheet metal to the outside of your sewing box, you can attach the strip there. Needles, thimbles or scissors tossed in the general direction of the strip get snagged out of mid-air and neatly held. When done, you just peel the strip off the sheet metal anchor and toss it into the sewing box. Have FUN! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:

A professor of chemistry wanted to teach his 5th grade class a lesson about the evils of liquor, so he produced an experiment that involved a glass of water, a glass of whiskey, and two worms. "Now, class. Observe closely the worms," said the professor putting a worm first into the water. The worm in the water wiggled about, happy as a worm in water could be. Then he put the second worm into the whiskey. It writhed painfully, and it quickly sank to the bottom, dead as a doornail. "Now, what lesson can we derive from this experiment?" the professor asked. Little Johnny, who naturally sits in back, raised his hand and wisely, responded, "If you drink whiskey you won't get worms!!!"
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A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he hasn't been feeling well. The doctor examines him, leaves the room and comes back with three different bottles of pills. The doctor says, "Take the green pill with a big glass of water when you get up. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Then just before going to bed, take the red pill with another big glass of water." Startled to be put on so much medicine the man stammers, "Jeez doc, exactly what's my problem?" Doctor says, "You're not drinking enough water."

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