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It's Saturday, April 10, 2010

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. --- Friedrich von Schiller Only the shallow know themselves. --- Oscar Wilde Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the fine line between sanity and madness gotten finer? --- George Price
Morris bought his wife a beautiful diamond ring for her birthday.. A friend of his said, "I thought she wanted one of those sporty 4-Wheel drive vehicles." "She did," he replied. "But where was I gonna find a fake Jeep?"
came home from school and told dad: "Hey, Dad, I lerned that we decended from apes! Neat, huh ?" That didn't go over well at all, so was told in no uncertaint terms: "YOU might have apes for ancestors, but I sure don't!"

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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Stanislaw Muchy, 39, in Warsaw, Poland Burglary by mail Police in Poland have arrested a man for a series of raids in which he allegedly climbed into large parcels and posted himself to businesses. Stanislaw Muchy, 39, would then apparently climb out at night after staff had clocked off and burgle the premises, reports Metro. He made his getaway by sealing both himself and his loot into another box addressed to his Warsaw home, say police. His scheme came to an end after he fell out with an accomplice, whose job was to deliver him to courier firms, who contacted police. After being tipped off, police said: "We arranged a special delivery of our own, right to the jail."
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Carol Re: Printer prints purplish-pink Dear Webby, I was happy to read about the ink cartridge question. My printer has individual ink cartridges, and all cartridges are almost full....however all of a sudden I get little color when printing except this purplish-pink. When I print a document it's fine in black ink. Can you give me any clues? I've gone to start and went through the cleaning of the printer menu. Thanks. Carol Dear Carol That sounds like your color cartridges are drying up. Look at them carefully and find the air breather hole, and cover that with a bit of duck tape. Then lay the cartridge into a dish with warm water for half an hour. After that, dry it off, peel the tape, and use it to print in THAT color right away. Just make a painting that has half the page in that color. USUALLY, that clears up that problem. If it doesn't, get remanufactured cartridges from Atlantic Inkjet .com. Those will be refillable and you can get a refill kit from them. Have FUN! DearWebby
If "con" is the opposite of "pro," then what is the opposite of progress?
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Sammy has stolen the rabbi's gold watch. He didn't feel too good about it, so he decided, after a sleepless night, to go to the rabbi. 'Rabbi, I stole a gold watch.' 'But Sammy! That's forbidden! You should return it immediately!' 'What shall I do?' 'Give it back to the owner.' 'Do you want it?' 'No, I said return it to its owner.' 'But he doesn't want it.' 'In that case, you can keep it.'
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Having passed the enlistment physical, Jon was asked by the doctor, "Why do you want to join the Navy, son?" "My father said it'd be a good idea, sir." "Oh? And what does your father do?" "He's in the Army, sir."

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