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It's Monday, April 12, 2010

Maturity is only a short break in adolescence. --- Jules Feiffer The average person thinks he isn't. --- Father Larry Lorenzoni When you're through changing, you're through. --- Bruce Barton
I don't think I'll ever have a mother's intuition. A friend left me alone in a restaurant with her 16-month-old kid. I asked, "What do I do if he cries?" She said, "Give him some vegetables." It turns out that jalapenos are not his favorite vegetable and I will not be asked to babysit again.
There are three ways to get something done: Do it yourself, hire someone to do it, or forbid your children to do it.
Thank to dad for these pictures: Same picture large Same picture large He bought one small leaf about a dozen years ago, now he has to trim it and give leaves to visitors, AND use a steel pipe and a hoop to keep it from spreading and turning into a fence. Each blossom lasts just one day. On the second picture you also see yesterday's blossom, and the start of the next leaf.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Michael Kelly, 31 of Salisbury, NC, and his mother Bad April Fools Joke Salisbury, NC (The Weekly Vice) Michael Kelly, a 31-year-old Salisbury man, was arrested April 1st for speeding when an April Fools joke went horribly wrong. According to Rowan County deputies, Kelly was first noticed when he ran a red light. Deputy Williams began to follow Kelly but Kelly just went faster. Deputy Williams tried to stop Kelly but when the pursuit reached speeds up to 120mph, the deputy called for assistance. After a brief chase, Kelly slowed down and Deputy Williams was able to take him in to custody. According to officers, Kelly's reason for the high-speed chase was because his mother had called from a nearby city to inform him that his 9-year-old son was missing and she was frantic and yelling. During processing, Deputy Williams answered Kelly's cell phone and asked Kelly's mother if the boy had been located. It was at this point that Williams and Kelly learned that it was all a joke. Kelly was booked in the Rowan County Detention Center on charges of felony speeding to elude arrest, driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a red light. Michael Kelly, 31 of Salisbury, NC It is not known at this time if the "prank" was arranged after the chase startd or before. Running red lights on a suspended license and doing 120 in town sure did not get him any closer to his far away son.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Donna Re: uTube problem Dear Webby, My husband recently got a new computer with Windows XP, but when he gets an email with a link to a You Tube video, he cannot open it. Is there something that should be installed in order for him to open these? As usual...thanks so much... Donna Dear Donna Without knowing whatever error message he gets, I don't want to put my foot into my mouth too far. He needs the current version of Adobe Flash Player, and he needs Javascript enabled in hs browser. If he uses IE instead of FireFox, he also needs Active-X, and possibly even Active-X for Adobe. There is good info at Have FUN! DearWebby
Picture this: A Santa Clara County Department of Correction bus is heading for Civic Center after transporting inmates to Elmwood Correctional Facility. All of a sudden, the driver notices he's being followed. Odd, he thinks. It's even more odd when he drives the bus down the intake ramp into the main jail and two vehicles -- a pickup truck and a minivan -- continue to follow right behind. The gates slam shut, officers question the occupants of the two vehicles and the reason for the follow-the-leader routine finally becomes clear. There's been a bit of drinking going on, and the guys think the bus is a greyhound and figure it will lead them to its depot and the restrooms they so desperately need. They get a rest, all right. The pickup driver is arrested for drunken driving. The minivan driver is cited for driving with a suspended license. Their vehicles are impounded. Correction officers are bemused. "We at DOC have heard of voluntary surrender, but this is ridiculous,'' says department spokesman Mark Cursi. "We're now wondering if folks can take the next step: self-booking.''
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In the middle of World War II, a draftee goes in for his physical wearing a truss, and with a little convincing acting, gets his papers marked M.E. for Medically Exempt. Not long after, a friend gets his orders to report for a physical, and he borrows the other fellow's truss. At the end of the examination, the doctor stamped M.E. on his papers. "Does that mean I'm medically exempt?" he asked. "No," the examining doctor says. "M.E. stands for Middle East. Anyone who can wear a truss upside-down can certainly ride a camel."
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Little Jimmy was laying about on a hillock in the middle of a meadow on a warm spring day. Puffy white clouds rolled by and he pondered their shape. Soon, he began to think about God. "God? Are you really there?" Jimmy said out loud. To his astonishment a voice came from the clouds. "Yes, Jimmy? What can I do for you?" Seizing the opportunity, Jimmy asked, "God? What is a million years like to you?" Knowing that Jimmy could not understand the concept of infinity, God responded in a manner to which Jimmy could relate, "A million years to me, Jimmy, is like a minute." "Oh," said Jimmy. "Well, then, what's a million dollars like to you?" "A million dollars to me, Jimmy, is like a penny." "Wow!" remarked Jimmy, getting an idea. "You're so generous...can I have one of your pennies?" God replied, "Sure thing, Jimmy! Just a minute."

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