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"Happiness is a way station between to little and too much." --- Channing Pollock "Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length." --- Robert Frost
During an award ceremony the wife of Spain's ambassador to Washington asked a Senator if he could make his speech a bit longer, since the ambassador had still not arrived from the airport. The Senator replied: "I spent years in the U.S. Senate, Madam. I can speak on any subject for any length of time, especially on a subject about which I have no particular knowledge."
"Eight long years of college." moaned the budding Yuppette. "And just who has it gotten me?"
Thanks to Sue for this picture of her Tree Swallow
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD and a Darwin Award goes to an unnamed crook in Denver, Colorado Denver cops kill man with fake gun One man died early this morning from multiple gunshot wounds fired by Denver police after he pulled a "replica handgun" on the officers, according to police spokesman John White. White said the incident began after Denver dispatchers received a call at 12:48 a.m. from a caller in the 3100 block of West Louisiana Avenue alerting them to a man with a gun in the area. White said officers contacted the caller and received the descriptions of two men, one of whom the witness said was armed with a handgun. Within minutes, the officers located the two individuals near West Alabama Place and South Hooker Street. There, said White, the officers gave repeated commands to the men. One man obeyed the commands while the second man didn't, said White. At that point, the man who refused to obey pulled what appeared to be a handgun. Two officers fired multiple times, hitting the man repeatedly, said White. The wounded man later died at Denver Health Medical Center, said White. The handgun was recovered at the scene and was found to be a replica handgun, not a working weapon, said White. White said that the man who pulled the replica handgun was reportedly involved in an assault just minutes before he was shot by officers.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Bob RE: Is it safer to not download the email? Hi Webby, I'm a long time reader and daily voter. Love your newsletter. Quick question. I had to get a gmail address since AOL stopped delivering your letter. I have 3 e-mail accounts and everyone of them receives a lot of dangerous spam. My question, isn't it safer not to download e-mail off the server to your hard drive? Thanks and keep up the great work. Phil in Ohio Dear Phil The problem with malware is not the downloading, but the clicking on it. Google catches a fair bit of the spam. Whatever it puts into Spam or Trash is not visible to MailWasher or Eudora. You can consider it as a pretty good pre-cleaner. Then Mailwasher flags spam that Gmail missed and exposes phony links. That gets rid of a lot more junk. What is left over for Eudora to actually download, is then just the stuff that you will actually answer and/or file. Some items you can just read in MailWasher. For example the KSC (NASA) releases or a newspaper headline alert. You are not going to file them anyway, and the part that you plan to read, is in the top paragraph that Mailwasher shows. So you read that and flag it for deleting. No need to download it. With Eudora, same as with any full featured email program, you can make as many folders and sub-folders as you want. Lets's say you make a folder for Recipes, and in that a folder for deserts, and in that a folder for Fat-Burning Deserts. You might get a recipe that looks good, but you don't have time to study and print it right now, so you file it. All the stuff you decide to keep, is YOURS, on YOUR computer, and on YOUR back-up. With Gmail, you are a tourist. You are allowed 7 GB of space. When you hit the limit, it locks. Then you have to dump stuff, to get it working again. All the carefully kept recipes or prayers or pictures are gone forever, when you do that. Jut consider Gmail as an important STEP in your email strategy, not the entire mail universe. In summary: A Gmail address is a very reliable address. Gmail does an excellent job of pre-cleaning the mail and getting rid of the most obvious spam. The Gmail browser is a fast but therefore limited mail viewer. MailWasher is a very thorough spam and malware cleaner with artificial intelligence that continuously learns and adapts to your preferences, and has the easiest to make and most reliable filters. It also lets you preview the top portion of each mail, while it exposes the actual addresses hidden under the links. All that helps you to weed out your email, so that only what you actually want to answer or file is left for downloading. Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook, Outlook Express, or whatever POP program that you use, downloads your cleaned emai and deletes it off the server. You always have plenty of space on the server. With your email processing program you can then answer and/or file your email. A computer based email processing program naturally has a lot more features than a browser based viewer, and you can customize it to your exact preferences. Have FUN! DearWebby
Jim's beautiful wife was having trouble mastering the fine points of balancing the checking account. "The bank returned the check you wrote to the department store," he said. "Good," she replied. "Now I can use it to buy something else."
Daily tip from Don't Let Your Dog Chew on Corn Cobs I know some bigger dogs love corn on the cob, but PLEASE don't let your dogs eat the leftover cob! It doesn't digest in their stomach and if it gets clogged, he could need surgery to get it out! Dogs also do not have the proper enzymes in their systems to digest rice. My vet always told me to give my dog peanut rice when he wasn't felling well, but then I talked to an herbalist who really knew about dogs. She told me that. Ever since then I don't give my dog rice or food with rice in it. He is a lot more active! By ivorylov from Ocala, FL Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:

Father: "Son, I'm very worried about you being at the bottom of your class." Son: "Don't fret Dad. They teach the same stuff to both ends."
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A student comes back to the dorm and finds his roommate near tears. "What's the matter, pal?" he asked. "I wrote home for my parents to send money, so that I could buy a laptop. They sent me the laptop." he moaned.

Getting crabs
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