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Good Morning,  !
It's Monday, October 18, 2010
We had thick hoar frost yesterday morning, and if it had been 
sunny, I would have run around as fast as the local politicians
on their last day of campaigning, to snap pictures. 

Have FUN!

Men are less sentimental than women. No man has ever seen the movie "The Way We Were" twice... voluntarily. --- Rita Rudner Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better. --- John Updike
The happy couple were being interviewed on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. The society reporter asked, "In all that time, did you ever consider a divorce?" "Oh, no, not divorce, we're too old fashioned for that," the husband replied. "Murder sometimes," the wife offered, "but never divorce."
Have you heard about the new alcoholic beverage that's on the market now? It's called Bourbon Renewal. After a few drinks your old neighborhood starts to look a lot better.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Burglars in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Wis. woman finds stolen dress, solves burglariest CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (AP) - Wisconsin police say a 25-year-old woman's search for her stolen wedding dress helped solve several other burglaries as well. After a storage unit owner called Alena Gadke of Chippewa Falls on Oct. 8 to tell her of some break-ins, Gadke went there and noticed her wedding dress was gone. Police assured her they would find the thieves, but Gadke was impatient. That night she went to Craigslist and found her dress. She says she traded 40 texts and voice messages with the seller, who kept changing the time and location to meet. Gadke alerted police and the next day she met the seller in a Chippewa Falls parking lot, where police arrested the 16-year-old girl. That led police to a 17-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man, who confessed to multiple thefts.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Shirley Re: Pictures need individual clicks Dear Webby, Thank you so much for all your expert advice on the computer and also the beautiful pictures and lets not forget the jokes. An over all great letter Now for my question , is there any way to bring the pictures in when I open your newsletter without having to go up to the bar and click on view then click on blocked imagines? You are very knowledged in the computer area. Shirley Dear Shirley That sounds like you are using an email program, that has the default set to hide pictures. You might be able to find that setting in that email program's preferences, if not, ask Uniontel support about how to show the pictures by default. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A Preacher went to his church office on Monday morning and discovered a dead donkey in the church yard. He called the police. Since there did not appear to be any foul play, the police referred the Preacher to the health department. They said since there was no health threat that he should call the sanitation department. The manager said he could not pick up the mule without authorization from the mayor. Now the Preacher knew the mayor and was not to eager to call him. The mayor had a bad temper and was generally hard to deal with, but the Preacher called him anyway. The mayor did not disappoint. He immediately began to rant & rave at the pastor and finally said, "Why did you call me any way? Isn't it your job to bury the dead?" The preacher paused for a brief prayer and asked the Lord to direct his response. He was led to say, "Yes, Mayor, it is my job to bury the dead, but I always notify the next of kin first, since they get to decide what kind of burial they will pay for!"
Daily tip from Stop Children From Arguing I have a tip for children bickering. I have passed this tip along and had reports back at how amazing the results. I used this until my children were grown and now my grandkids get a dose. Have the 2 kids that are bickering, either sit on the couch facing each other or stand facing each other with the tip of their noses touching for a set amount of time (not as long as time out). Who gets the front seat? No problem but they have to sit with their noses touching. My daughter and son both agree that they would refrain from arguing because they did not want to have to stand or sit that way. Most of the time giggling would happen before the time was up and they were friends again. By Notwrong from FL If you want to have sucess with small back yard or balcony farming with a minimal investment of time or money, check out Food Wealth. Avoid mistakes and focus on what works! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
A husband, proving to his wife that women talk more than men, showed her a study which indicated that men use on the average only 15,000 words a day, where as women use 30,000 words a day. She thought about this for awhile and then told her husband that women use twice as many words as men because they have to repeat everything they say. He replied, "What?"
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Matt's dad picked him up from school to take him to a dental appointment. Knowing the parts for the school play were supposed to be posted today, he asked his son if he got a part. Matt enthusiastically announced that he'd gotten a part. "I play a man who's been married for twenty years." "That's great, son. Keep up the good work and before you know it they'll be giving you a speaking part."

Hoar Frost

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