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It's Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Quite a few asked me how to make Silver Water. 
You need some reasonably pure silver, not regular coins. 
Yes, I know, the silver price quadrupled since the election,
but you don't need much, just a few micrograms. A foot
of very fine wire will last you a lifetime.

You can get fine silver wire from for as little as $3 per foot from

Then you need some melted snow or distilled water. Snow is 
cheap these days, and if you are in Florida, fridge frost
will do fine too.

Here is the high-tech method for connecting everything.

Let it run 5 to 15 minutes, or until the water has a light
golden sheen. That's all there is to it.

Silver Water is a powerful antibiotic and works great, 
if you use it only when needed, when your body's immune 
system needs a boost or helping hand. 

If you use it constantly as a preventative medicine, it 
could make your immune system lazy.
Also, if abused by taking it daily for decades, the silver 
can accumulate under the skin and make it look grey. 

Just taking it a few times a year does not have any 
side effects.

Have FUN!

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"A century ago women wore unmentionables; today they wear nothing to speak of." --- Socratex "A lady is one who never shows her underwear unintentionally." --- Lillian Day
Sandie just skyped me and told me.... I just finished talking with my friend in Minneapolis. He said that since early this morning the snow has been nearly waist high and is still falling.... His wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window. He says that if it gets much worse, he may have to let her in...
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Things were rather slow so Bobbie, the reporter for the local newspaper, went to the vocational school and visited each classroom. But things were rather slow there too. In Tailoring nobody had sown through any interesting body parts, just the instructor had sown her sleve to a student's workpiece again, but she already had published a similar picture. No blood in carpentry. Nobody had parked any engine on their foot in automotive, and the guy with the transmission on his chest under the Edsel had not moved since last month. As a last resort, Bobby went to Hospitality to see if their new French chef had at least some freebie lunch. No such luck. All the students were busy stirring some gluey gunk in huge soup pots with big wooden spoons. Bobbie asked the chef if it was a French tradition to use wooden spoons for stirring. "No", he replied. "Management deezisson." Bobby asked why management dared to interfere with his superior skills. "If ve hafe 30 of zese bimbos beatin metal pots wizz metal spoonz, zen I go crezie, an zen I kill zem all before zey finish pay for zeir tuition, an ze management, zey dount like dat."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Joseph Andrew Hoffman, 25 of Vancouver, Wash. Christmas Reveler Reports Himself To Iowa City Police For Being Too Drunk To Drive Published: December 28, 2010 Iowa City police say a 25-year-old man called 911 to report a drunken driver: himself. According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, police say Francisco Castro called the emergency number around 8:30 on Christmas morning. Officers found Castro sitting in the driver's seat of a running vehicle. Police say Castro told officers that he called 911 because he thought he was too drunk to drive. A follow-up test showed his blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. Unfortunately, even if he wasn't driving but just warming up, they will throw the book at him. He was in care and control of a running vehicle while drunk. He shouldhave warmed up in a cab.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Joy Re: Haunted computer Dear Webby I let Gramma send some postcards from my computer, and now it's haunted! I had all my work icons arranged just right along the left margin, nice and tight in clusters for different projects, some of them slightly overlapping to save space but still accessible. Now they are all in rigid formation, all apart, and when I drag them to where they should be, they jump back! HELP! Joy Dear Joy Gramma seems to have accidentally turned on "Auto-Arrange", one of the least useful features. Just right-click on any blank area on the desktop, choose ARRANGE ICONS, and take the checkmark off "Auto-Arrange". Done. Now they will stay where you put them. Once you got all the icons back where they belong, you might want to get "Save My Desktop" from my Toolbox at http://webby.com/tools It is free. Have FUN! DearWebby
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During my brother's wedding, my mother managed to keep from crying until she glanced at my grandparents. My grandmother had reached over to my grandfather's wheelchair and gently touched his hand. That was all it took to start my mother's tears flowing. After the wedding, Mom went over to my grandmother and told her how that tender gesture triggered her outburst. "Well, I'm sorry to ruin your moment," Grandmother replied, "but George hates beeing wheeled about when he is sleeping and I had promised to wake him up a few minutes before it was over."
Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com Stock Up On Sale Christmas Candy None of us need that Christmas candy that's on sale dirt cheap after Christmas, but be creative and think about the possible uses for it. I have bought chocolate Kisses, M & M's, etc., at 50-75% off. I take them home and use them to bake with. Use them in the place of chocolate chips in cookies. Chop up those Santas and add to cookies, or shave them up to use on top of pudding desserts. There are a lot of uses for them. By Terri from WV http://www.thriftyfun.com/ Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at http://www.myfrugallife.com Thriftyfun.com also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the ThriftyFun.com list, you can vote for it here:
A store manager overheard a clerk saying to a customer, "No, ma'am, we haven't had any for some weeks now, and it doesn't look like there will be any more." Alarmed by what was being said, the manager rushed over to the customer who was walking out the door and said, "That isn't true, ma'am. Of course, we'll have some soon. In fact, we placed an order for it a couple of weeks ago." Then the manager drew the clerk aside and growled, "Never, never, never, never say we don't have something. If we don't have it, say we ordered it and it's on its way. Now, what was it she asked about?" The clerk smiled and said... "Muggings in the store."
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