How to take pictrues of the Northern Lights 

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"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever." --- Francois Muriac "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." --- Dolly Parton He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise. --- Lao-Tzu
A new baby, when he was still in hospital, said to the little babe lying next to him, 'I know I am a boy!' The other baby said, 'What! How DO you know that??' 'Well, it's under the blanket; I can show you...' 'Show me! Show me!' 'SSST! Wait till the nurses are gone...' A few minutes later: 'I can show you now. Watch!' Slowly the baby lifted up his blanket, the other baby peeking under it. 'Can you see it?' The first one said, 'You see it, down there?' 'But WHAT should I see?' 'I'm wearing blue socks!!'
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Pete from New York arrived in Los Angeles. In an airport taxi cab, Pete asked the driver... "Say, is this really a healthful place?" "It sure is," the cabby replied. "When I came here I couldn't say one word. I had hardly any hair on my head. I didn't have the strength to walk across a room, and I had to be lifted out of bed." "That's wonderful!" said the tourist , "How long have you been here?" "I was born here."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Robert M. Morales, 36, in Mesa, AZ Drunk parked in the middle of the road for a nap A San Tan Valley area man was arrested Christmas morning after officers found him asleep and parked in the middle of the Mesa street, court records state. Mesa Police responded to a call around 1:30 a.m. about a car in the middle of First Avenue near Main Street and Mesa Drive and found Robert M. Morales, 36, asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle. According to court records, Morales' shoes were off, the driver's seat was reclined, the key was in the ignition, and the vehicle was in drive without any lights on. When an officer asked Morales why he was in the middle of the street, he said that "he could sleep wherever he wanted," records state. He told other officers his name was Robert Rios. The officer smelled alcohol on Morales and said his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Morales also slurred his speech and could not keep still, records state. However, he refused to perform any sobriety tests without talking with a lawyer beforehand. Officers found an empty can of Tecate beer on the floor behind the driver's seat and a half-empty bottle of Jägermeister sitting on the front passenger seat, according to records. During a search, police also found a small baggy containing a crystal substance, which later tested positive for methamphetamine, in the front left pocket of Morales's jeans. Throughout the search of his person, police said Morales continually leaned into the vehicle and buckled his knees. When officers had Morales stand, he kicked at them and struck one officer's calf three times. Morales is expected to face charges of possession of a dangerous drug, assault on a law enforcement officer, false reporting to law enforcement, driving under the influence and driving under the influence with drugs on his body. Morales had previous arrests including possession of marijuana, assault, driving with suspended license and making false reports, according to police reports.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Bria Re: How do you take pictures of Northern Lights? Dear Webby You showed some fantastic Northern Lights pictures. When I try to take pictures of them, all I get is black. Bria Dear Bria For a start, you need a fairly good camera, that has a large lens, and that can take time exposures, preferably with click-on click-off. A remote control is nice, but not necessary. You also need a tripod or sand baggie to hold the camera perfectly steady. Once you have all that, set the camera for the biggest apperture it has, the lowest F number. Set the camera up or nestle it into your sand baggie, click it on and step back, wait ten seconds and click it off. Look at the picture and see if the lights of that night need a longer or shorter exposure. If your camera has a hold-down exposure, then you need a remote control, which are getting hard to find. A way around that is to glue a pencil eraser onto the clicker, and put a rubber band around the camera, so that you can put the rubber band over the eraser. Cover the lens, put the rubber band over the eraser, wait a second or two for things to stabilize, and move the hat or whatever you use to cover the lens. After the ten or whatever seconds you choose, cover the lens, and THEN move the rubber band off the clicker. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A lawyer awakened after a serious operation only to find himself in a room with all the blinds drawn. "Why are all the blinds closed?" he asked the doctor. "Well," the surgeon responded, "They're fighting a huge fire across the street, and we didn't want you to wake up and think the operation was a failure."
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Sarah sidled up to a guest at the party. She had heard him addressed as doctor and now she said diffidently, "Doctor, may I ask a question?" "Certainly," he said. "Lately," said Sarah, "I have been having a funny pain right here over the heart..." The guest interrupted uncomfortably and said, "I'm terribly sorry, Sarah, but the truth is, I'm a doctor of philosophy." "Oh," said the Sarah, "I'm sorry!" She turned away, but then overcome with curiosity, she turned back. "Just one more question, doctor. Tell me, what kind of disease is philosophy?"
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In the midst of a quarrel, the wife bitterly yells at her husband, "I was such a fool when I married you." Retorts her husband:” Yes, I know. But I was in love and didn"t notice until after the wedding."

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