Awkward USB socket location 

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A reader asked why we need IP numbers.
For the same reason you need a phone number and street address.
So that you can be called and so that stuff can be sent to you.

Just like the phone numbers or the zip or postal code, each section
of the code narrows it down a bit more, from country to state to town
to street to house. The way the numbers are used, a message gets 
to you in the straightest possible line. 

Have FUN!

If you can help with the server cost
please donate what you can!
Most people think they're thinking when they're really just rearranging their prejudices. --- Oliver Wendell Holmes There is no such thing as an underestimate of average intelligence. --- Henry Adams The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other. --- Will Rogers
A student walked into our library area and glanced at the encyclopedia volumes stacked on a bookshelf. "What are all these books?" he asked. Somewhat surprised, I replied that they were encyclopedias. "Really?" he said. "You mean somebody printed out the whole CD?"
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A woman had a faithful cat. And one day, a man ran over the cat. So, he went to the old woman and said: "I'm terribly sorry about your cat. I'd like to replace him." "That so nice of you!" said the old woman, deeply touched. "How good are you at catching mice?"
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Jennifer Marie Riegler, 22, of Accomac, Va. Nude Nut HEBRON, Md. (UPI) -- Police in Maryland said they arrested a woman accused of stripping nude inside a convenience store and sexually harassing others in the shop. The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office said Jennifer Marie Riegler, 22, of Accomac, Va., took off all her clothes shortly before 9 a.m. EST Dec. 18 at the Royal Farms store in Hebron, WBOC-TV, Salisbury, Md., reported. Investigators said Riegler made sexual comments to customers and employees. They said she engaged in sexually suggestive behavior and employees helped her put her clothes back on after she lay down on the floor. Police arrived to take Reigler into custody and found her eating a piece of fruit she had not purchased from the store. Officers said she kicked one of them in the groin and another in the hand while she was being placed under arrest. Reigler was charged with disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, disturbing the peace, theft of less than $100, fourth-degree sex offense, malicious destruction of property valued less than $500 and six counts of second-degree assault. She was jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond. She will not have to worry about rent or heating bills this winter.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Vera P Re: Awkward USB sockets Dear Webby, Why do they put the USB ports at the most awkward spots at the BACK of a computer? I curse those morons every time I have to crawl under my desk with a flashlight to plug something in. Could I drill a hole in the front and glue that silly plug in there? Vera P Dear Vera There is a much better solution. Get yourself a 4, 6, 8 or 10 port USB hub and a 10 foot high speed USB cable, and a little strip of double-sided tape. Plug the cable into the computer and snake it up to the monitor. With 10 feet of cable you should be able to route it in a way so that it doesn't look too messy or get in the way. Then plug the USB hub into it and glue the hub to the side of the monitor in a way so that the OUT ports of the hub are facing towards you. Now you can plug and unplug things without bashing your head against the underside of your desk. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A man and a little boy entered a barbershop together. After the man received the full treatment - shave, shampoo, manicure, haircut, etc. - he placed the boy in the chair. "I'm goin' to buy a green tie to wear for the parade," he said. "I'll be back in a few minutes." When the boy's haircut was completed and the man still hadn't returned, the barber said, "Looks like your daddy's forgotten all about you." "That wasn't my daddy," said the boy. "He just walked up, took me by the hand and said, 'Come on, kid, we're gonna get a free haircut!'"
Daily tip from Using Smaller Amounts of Toiletries A dime sized shampoo works great for me, even when my hair is long, and it saves money too. Just put a dime sized plop of shampoo in your hand, rub it, and spread it over your damp hair, and nope, it does not usually lather in your hair. I don't need much water to rinse it either. I have found that using less shampoo like that, my hair looked great and my shampoo bottle lasts for a very long time. By Kas from Rockford, MI You can go a step further yet! Get a pump action dispenser! They are available empty, and some shampoos, soaps and lotions also come in pump action dispensers. Once they are empty, just refill them from big econo size jugs. If your pump action dispenser squirts too much per stroke, you can limit the stroke by wrapping a few turns of coat hanger wire around the pump stem. Have FUN! DearWebby Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
One morning a customer entered my flower shop and ordered a bouquet for his wife. "No card is necessary," he instructed us. "She'll know who sent them." The delivery truck hadn't even returned to the store when the phone rang. It was the customer's wife. "Who sent the flowers?" she asked. After explaining that the customer had requested that no card be included, I considered the matter closed. But a bit later, she came rushing in the front door. "You've got to tell me who sent the flowers," she demanded, "before my husband gets home for lunch!"
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Shortly after arriving at the University of Washington, Babs joined some new friends on a trip to nearby Vancouver, British Columbia. It was her first trip outside the United States. At the border, a guard asked how long they would stay in Canada. Knowing it would be after midnight when they returned, she asked, "How late will we be able to get back across the border?" "Just about any time, Ma'am," the guard said. "...IF they let you back in!"

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