Anti-Aliasing on the forgery 

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Good Morning,  !
It's Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some sheeple sure got hysterical complaining about me 
mentioning the White House forgery. Does the truth hurt that much?

It makes no difference who the kuckoo actually is. 
It is too late to do anything about that. 

What irks me is the arrogant sloppiness of the forgery.
"Good enough for brainwashed sheep!"

Well, you got at least one person standing up for you!

Have FUN!

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A fellow who is always declaring he's no fool usually has his suspicions. --- Wilson Mizner
An extremely shy fellow brings his date a bouquet of flowers. She's so overcome she throws her arms around him and kisses him long and hard. After the kiss, red-faced, he turns and bolts for the door. "Oh, I'm sorry," she says. "I didn't mean to offend you." "You didn't," he replies. "I'm just going for more flowers."
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A driver pulls up beside a farmhouse in eastern Nebraska. He gets out and knocks at the door. An old woman answers, and the driver asks her for directions to Des Moines, Iowa. "Don't know," the woman says. The driver gets back in his car and pulls away. Then he hears voices. He looks in his rearview mirror and sees the woman and a man of about the same age waving for him to come back. He makes a U-turn and drives back to them. "This is my husband," the old woman says. "He doesn't know how to get to Des Moines either." ------------ They sound like gas station attendants in Phoenix, AZ.
Tanks to Kim for this picture: Click through the picture to the large version. True doublke rainbow, with reversed colors.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Dorothy McGurk, 43, new York Woman Caught Belly Dancing Loses Disability Claim NEW YORK (AP) - A New York City woman who was getting $850 a month in alimony because she was supposedly disabled and unable to work had her payments slashed after her ex-husband spotted online photos of her belly dancing. Brian McGurk went to court after discovering a blog that showed his 43-year-old ex-wife dancing for pay at a gallery. In other Internet postings, she wrote about dancing vigorously for several hours every day. Dorothy McGurk told the court that the dancing was physical therapy for injuries she suffered in a car accident in the mid-1990s. Richmond County Supreme Court Justice Catherine DiDomenico didn't buy it and reduced her payments to $400 per month. The judge also ordered her to pay her ex-husband's legal fees and 60 percent from the sale of their home.
From the Tech Support Pits: Re-Run, WITH the picture I mentioned. From Randal Re: What is anti-aliasing? Dear Webby, Most of the mail and reports about the official White House forgery mention that some of the stuff klutzed into the certificate has modern anti-aliasing, that was not available in those days, just like the name of the hospital or the name of the country of the father. So what is anti-aliasing? Randal ear Randal Have a look at the certificate at the White House site: Official Birth certificate If that site is too busy and too slow, here is a cut of the top right corner from there: Look at the "1" that I circled and enlarged. Ignore the amateurish mismatch in size, look at the contour. See that nice smoothing of the outline, that makes it so much more pleasant to look at, than the "1"s from 1961 ? That smoothing is called anti-aliasing. All modern graphics programs have that since the mid 80's and have the option to turn it on or off. The official White House forger forgot to turn that anti-aliasing option off on his Mac, and thereby made it quite obvious at first glance, that it was a clumsy forgery. Have FUN DearWebby
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The showers in Jane's daughter's dorm turned scalding hot whenever a toilet was flushed. To warn others, residents would yell out, "Flushing!" each time they flushed the toilets. During one of her daughter's visits home, a friend stopped by to chat for a while. Jane was explaining how her daughter was acting more distant now that she was in college, and that she didn't tell her all about her life the way she used to. Suddenly they heard the daughter call out from the bathroom, "Flushing!" "Good grief," said Jane's friend, "How much more do you want to know?"
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My kids never understood my logic. They totally failed to see why they had to go to bed when I was tired.
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One Sunday afternoon, the Pastor's wife dropped into an easy chair saying, "Boy! Am I ever tried!" Her husband looked over at her and said, "I had to conduct two special services last night, three today, and give a total of five sermons. Why are you so tired?" "Dearest," she replied, "I had to pretend to listen to all of them!"


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