Scottland's Independence party won, is separation imminent? 

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Good Morning,  !
It's Monday, May 9

Did anybody notice, that the SNP, the Independence Party in 
Scottland, won by a land slide?
Huh ?
Scottland ?
Yes, Scottland. 
While everybody was busy with the royal wedding, and White House 
forgeries and Bin Laden, Scottland had an election.

I wouldn't panic yet about Scottland separating and rebuilding 
Hadrian's Wall. Mainly they just want to keep 100 % of
the money from the North Sea Oil, be in charge of their
taxes, especially corporate taxes, and fisheries rules and
regulation, of course. 

The plan is to stay in the monarchy and keep the queen,
and let England take care of defense, plus medical and welfare, 
of course. Eventually they want to be an equal partner to 
Britain in the EU, but until they can recruit or train enough
multilingual people for ambassador jobs, they plan to let
England take care of foreign politics.

The whole thing sounds like a spoof, but they are dead serious!
And they won the election! 

Actually, the SNP won mainly because people were fed up with 
the left wing parties, so they stomped over to the redneck 
right-wing SNP. 

According to the polls, only aboot 25% of the Scotts would
actually get serious aboot considering a separation. 

However, 100% of them definitely want to rattle the Limey's
chains and use the threat of separation as a bargaining tool
for trying to get the North Sea oil and gas money. 
That is BIG money, and the Scotts are dead serious aboot it.

You won't read about it in the Enemy Times or other left wing
media for a while yet, but you can read up on it here at the

Have FUN!

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