Holy Cow! 8 HOT Tools For How Much?? 

Those Wacky Gals have gone WAY overboard in their wackiness this time...

They're selling 8 HOT webmaster tools and scripts in a dimesale!


I don't know about you, but I'm all for anything that makes my workload easier AND makes me more money at the same time.

And these tools really fit that bill:

* Auto Countdown Script to run your dimesales, firesales and product launches

* Auto Launcher to create buyer urgency

* Auto RSS to automatically populate your site with videos, articles and blog content

* Auto Squeeze to get new subscribers NOW by presenting them with a self-destructing offer

* Easy Cloaker to protect your affiliate commissions

* Easy SplitTest to test two or more versions of your sales pages

* Email Router to cut down the number of subscriber spam complaints

* MassURL to shrink your links without getting blacklisted


Oh, I mentioned this is running as a dimesale, but did I tell you the starting price?

Only $2.95!

Get on over there now and grab your tools while you can get them for less than a fast food lunch!


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