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Today is Tuesday, July 5

Some people try quite desperately to amuse me by doubting
everything, that has not been read from a teleprompter.

Solar electricity is one example. 
So what if Obama has not mentioned it. He has not mentioned 
gravity either. That kind of stuff is way too technical for whoever
writes his speeches. Don't worry about it!

Look at what industry and commerce is doing, after listeneing
to their engineers. They put up solar collectors.

Even schools are putting them up on the roof and even into
back yards. I read about one school, that went a step further.
They use solar panels to provide a shaded area, and since the
shade allows grass to grow in their hot climate, they use the 
vice princial's sheep to trim the grass, instead of spending 
money to trim it.

Sure, if your roof is only 1000 square feet, you are not
going to make a big pile of money with solar, but you WILL
be able to reduce your electrical bills, and in some months
you will even get paid a little bit. In some states, like 
for example Arizona, check for grants that will help you 
with solar installations.

Have FUN!

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A gossip is someone who talks to you about others, a bore is someone who talks to you about himself, and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself. --- Lisa Kirk I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. --- Thomas Jefferson
Do you want to reverse your electrical meter and power bill? You CAN! Legally! Not a sneaky gimmick, not turning things off or down, just simple know-how. The Power 4 Home system shows and explains every step. If you are still paying for electricity, then this is for YOU!

A college dean was berating a veteran economics professor for having used the same tests for the past 35 years. "Don't you realize, professor, that the students have been sharing these tests for decades and that all of your students know EXACTLY what's on the test before they sit for it?" "Doesn't matter," replied the professor. "You must realize that the subject is economics. Economics is the science of explaining tomorrow, why the predictions, which were made yesterday, did not come true today. So the answers are different each year!"
An octogenarian who was an avid golfer moved to a new town and joined the local Country Club. He went to the Club for the first time to play but was told that there wasn't anybody he could play with because they were already out on the course. - He repeated several times that he really wanted to play today. Finally, the assistant Pro said he would play with him and asked him how many strokes he wanted for a bet. The 80 year old said, "I really don't need any strokes as I have been playing quite well. The only problem I have, is getting out of sand traps." He did play well. Coming to the par four 18th they were all even. The Pro had a nice drive and was able to get on the green and two-putt for a par. The old man had a nice drive, but his approach shot landed in a sand trap next to the green. Playing from the bunker he hit a high ball, which landed on the green and rolled into the cup. Birdie, match and all the money! The Pro walked over to the sand trap where his opponent was standing. He said: "nice shot, I thought you said you have a problem getting out of sand traps? " Replied the octogenarian "I do, would you please give me a hand."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Navahcia Edwards, 23, in Chicago, Ill Bank robbers dressed as nuns PALOS HEIGHTS, Ill. (UPI) -- Authorities in Illinois said a former bank employee and an accomplice robbed the facility of $120,000 while dressed in nun costumes. The federal criminal complaint states Navahcia Edwards of Chicago and a male accomplice who has not been arrested robbed the TCF Bank in Palos Heights of $120,000 May 29 while displaying weapons and wearing nun costumes, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday. FBI officials said Edwards used her Visa card to buy a pair of "Nun on the Run adult masks" 10 days prior to the robbery. Edwards still managed to leave a rich trail of evidence, including receipts of the purchases of the nun's costumes and the rental of the alleged getaway car. Edwards also used the card to buy white zip ties from a south suburban hardware store. The zip ties appear to match those used to tie the hands of two tellers in the TCF Bank robbery, federal authorities said. Edwards was charged in June with embezzling nearly $20,000 while working at a Chase Bank branch in Country Club Hills. Edwards and her accomplice stormed the bank with handguns, jumped over counters and forced tellers to open the vault, authorities charged. While her accomplice held a gun against a teller's head, Edwards avoided anti-theft devices and a vault that kept only coins in order to retrieve the $120,000, tipping authorities off that the robber likely had inside knowledge.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: NosyRosy Re: Get rid of Icon checkmarks Dear Webby, First off, in addition to well wishes for your continued recovery and in anticipation of your assistance, thank you a million times over. Was searching your old columns for one, single answer: How to get rid of those annoying check marks from programs I've copied? ......... huh ? ......... They're on the bottom left of almost all of the icons on my desktop. Wondered how to get rid of them. Now that I right-clicked, can see they're simply called desktop icons. By right-clicking it's also possible either to show them or not. This wouldn't enable me to remove the check marks, only masquerade them. So hard to explain a simple process, no? So guess it's my choice whether I allow them to appear, or not, but not still would be unable to remove them. Hope you're doing well and continue improving health wise. As I've read your column over the years, I admire your courageous lifestyle. Hope your Dad is also doing well. It's apparent you and your Dad have a very close and loving relationship. Thanks. Hope I've explained it well enough, though. Thanks for your patience. H Dear H Those are not checkmarks. Those are arrows to indicate, that those icons are shortcuts to stuff, that is not really cluttering up the desktop folder, but is tucked away properly into their own folders somewhere. The easiest to fix that is by using TweakUI. Instructions are here: TweakUI (Tweak the User Interface) was originally a collection of utilities created by various programmers to help fix the shortcomings of Windows 95. Microsoft does not support TweakUI, but they stopped bitching about it and even provide a download location for it now. After all, those fixes and tweaks make THEM look good. There are TweakUIs for all versions of Windows from 95 on all the way up to Windows 7. Have FUN! DearWebby
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A girl says to a salesman, "I'm not sure if I should buy a sweatshirt or a windbreaker." He says, "Well, that depends. Are you gonna sweat, or are you gonna break wind?"
Daily tip from Organizing Coupons We only eat out as a family if we have a coupon to do so. But keeping track of all those dining out coupons can be difficult. I created a coupon file just for this purpose. Using a small check organizer file, I labeled sections with titles such as: fast food, ice cream, pizza, buffet, diners, etc. There is even a section for entertainment (bowling, mini golf, movies). We keep this file in our car along with my grocery coupon file so we remember to use them before their expiration dates. By Deb from Manchester, PA Check out ThriftyFun's Blog at also has a newsletter. If you want more than just one tip per day, or if you want to share your tips, then you can subscribe to it here:ThriftyFun Highly recommended! If you like the list, you can vote for it here:
Bob : "Now my grandfather, he knew the exact day of the year that he was going to die. It was the right year too. Not only that, but he knew what time he would die that day, and he was right about that too." Bill : "Wow, that's Incredible. How did he know all of that?" Bob : "The judge told him."
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When I was working in the Piggly Wiggly many years ago, I noticed the sexy little blonde who dashed into the store to pick up a few items. She marched right to my "Express Lane". I was on the phone doing a price check. In a huff, blondie said, "Excuse me, I'm in a hurry. Could you check me out?" I looked her up and down, and told her, "Hmmm. You look pretty good to me!" She seemed to be rather torn between throwing stuff at me, or smiling over the compliment.

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