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National Post Jul. 16, 2011

Ethanol's wasteful appetite for grain

Re: Camps Overflow as Somalis Flee Famine, Peter Goodspeed, July 12.

As the number of people starving gets into the hundreds of thousands, Canadians should be reminded that 6.5% of the world's grain has been removed from the global food supply as feedstock for ethanol production for carbon credits in accordance with the dictates of the Kyoto Accord.

Of the 85 billion litres of ethanol produced globally for fuel, Canada's two billion litre annual ethanol production alone removes enough wheat and corn from the global food supply to feed over 30 million people -enough food to end the current starvation in Africa 10 times over.

The next time you fill up at a pump stating: "may contain up to 10% ethanol," know full well that your tank of gas has taken away the daily bread of over 20 starving poor because the self-righteous environmentalist lobby has convinced governments that this is a necessary consequence of saving the world from "global warming."

Norm Kalmanovitch, Calgary.

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