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Quite a few people asked me about Casey Jones. They had 
heard the name, but never been told the legend or the 
significance. So, before putting my foot further into my mouth,
I decided to read up a bit.

It turns out I was wrong. Even though most of the roughly 
hundred different versions of the Casey Jones Ballad had been
sung by black blues singers, Casey Jones was actually not black.

Casey Jones was a hot rodder and had a reputation for arriving
on time, even when he was forced to leave late. In 1900 he was
the engineer on the fast Chicago to New Orleans Night Mail
Cannonball Express, and had to make up a lot of time. He pushed
that train to near 100 miles per hour, which was quite something, 
considering the crooked track and just a single steam engine
pulling the train.

He had almost made up all the late departure times when he got to
Vaughan, Mississippi, where four cars of a freight train were
stuck on his line, and inadequate signalling did not give him 
enough time to stop his train. He dumped the air and locked 
the brakes, and told his fireman to jump, but he himself stayed
on, holding on to the whistle. That long, uninterrupted whistle
saved all the passengers. None were killed or seriously hurt,
but Casey Jones did not survive the crash, when his big 
locomotive was thrown off the track.

Here is a record from 1910:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6N7rkNS ... re=related

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The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be. --- Paul Valery
Do you want to reverse your electrical meter and power bill? You CAN! Legally! Not a sneaky gimmick, not turning things off or down, just simple know-how. The Power 4 Home system shows and explains every step. If you are still paying for electricity, then this is for YOU!

Dentist: "Would you help me out? Can you to give me a few of your loudest screams." Patient: "Why, Doc? It isn't all that bad this time." Dentist: "Well, there are about 20 people in the waiting room right now, and I don't want to miss the five o'clock game on Channel 4."
The world's first fully computerized airliner was ready for its maiden flight without pilots or crew. The plane taxied to the loading area automatically, its doors opened automatically, the steps came out automatically. (This joke is from the days, when aeroplanes had steps! ) The passengers boarded the plane and took their seats. The steps retreated automatically, the doors closed, and the airplane taxied toward the runway. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," a voice intoned. "Welcome to the debut of the world's first fully computerized airliner. Everything on this aircraft is run electronically. Just sit back and relax. Nothing can go wrong ... Nothing can go wrong... nothing can go wrong...."
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Billy Rutherford,23 in Decatur, Ill Groom arrested for not staying away from bride DECATUR, Ill. -- Something came between a central Illinois couple as they waited to marry -- a court order forbidding the groom from contact with the bride. The (Decatur) Herald & Review reports that 23-year-old Billy Rutherford was arrested Wednesday for allegedly violating the terms of his bail as he and his fiancée waited outside a Macon County courtroom to get married. Rutherford was free on bond after being charged in March with aggravated domestic battery. His fiancée, who cannot be named, had claimed that Rutherford 'had been beating on her all day' at her home on March 5. She told police that the assault included striking her all over her face, head and body, shoving her head into a kitchen cabinet and throwing her through a coffee table. Rutherford was ordered to stay away from her and was arrested later in March for allegedly violating the order, when she moved in with him again. The couple, who it seems had reconciled, were due to get married at Macon County courtroom on Wednesday. They had planned to be married by Circuit Judge Thomas Griffith, who had represented both the bride and the groom in separate cases in the past, when he was an attorney, and knew about the restraining order. For the arrest, the white gowned bride was called outside, and without her to protect him, Rutherford was then arrested without any problem. Bail was denied, when she tried to bail him out.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Ellie Re: What is a Chip Reader Dear Webby What is that SD Card / Chip Reader, that you mentioned yesterday? Thanks Ellie Dear Ellie The memory chips, that most cameras use nowadays, are either stamp size SD or a quarter of a stamp size Micro SD chips. They are thin, flat pastic chips with mysterious indentations and grooves, so that they can't be inserted incorrectly. There are two, actually three, types of readers / writers for them: 1) Corded, 2) Built into a USB Plug, and 3) Built into a computer. Ignore #2 and #3. They are a nuisance, and only good for people, who like crawling around under their desk. #1, the corded type, is a cute little box with a long USB cord, so that you can mount the box wherever is most convenient, and plug the cord into the computer just once and forget it after that. The corded type costs around $7. You can glue the reader to the side of the monitor or keyboard or hutch top or just about anything except your coffee cup. To read a chip, you stick it into the slot on the tiny little box, and the chip shows up as an additional drive. Usually you get a little pop-up window asking you what you want to do with ot. Then you can drag files to and from it, run programs from it, do whatever you can do with a built in hard drive. Chips are available in sizes from 256 MB to 64GB. Currently. By Christmas, they will have 128 GB chips. Don't expect 64 GB chips to work in old readers or older cameras. The 2 GB chips are the pick-up trucks of the computer world. They work in any reader and in any camera and probably any device, that can use chips. Have FUN! DearWebby
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"What were you before you came to school, boys and girls?" asked the teacher, hoping that someone would say 'babies'. She was disappointed when Little Johnny cried out, "Happy!"
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On a different flight..... During the return flight we were given gourmet brownies and cookies. Not hungry, I decided to save them for later, so I placed them in one of the air sickness bags. After the plane landed I got up to leave and a stewardess approached me. She asked, "Sir, would you like for me to dispose of that for you?" Without thinking, I said, "No thanks, I'm saving it for later."

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