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Good Morning,  !
Today is Saturday, September 24

Yesterday was a day of vivid colors.
When I finally finished Thursday's work at 7 am, the sky
over the prairies in the East was on fire. You see the 
picture further down.

In the evening it was still hot from the afternoon, so I
delayed my walk until the temperature dropped below 27
(80 F). By then a light breeze made it more comfortable.
I hiked to Mainstreet, then up to the water tower, over to 
the hospital and back down into the valley via the hospital 

The sun had set before I got to mainstreet, but unlike in the 
South, it takes well over an hour to get dark here. As I came
down the trail from the hospital, the sky is the West was 
bright white gold to yellow and fading into navy blue above.
Boring, very boring, compared to the sky in the North-Northwest.
There we had ripples of hundreds of shades of pink and purple,
getting darker toward the top, and the town below already dark 
with street lights and windows lit.

I was wishing I had brought my camera, but even more wished
I was not the only one seeing it.

Have FUN!

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A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. --- Sir Winston Churchill I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. --- Wilson Mizner
A spiritualist who'd recently been widowed met a colleague and reported excitedly that she'd just received a message from her dead husband - asking her to send him a carton of cigarettes. "The only thing is," she mused, "that I don't know where to send them." "Why not?" asked her friend. "Well, he didn't actually say that he was in Heaven - but I can't imagine he'd be in Hell." "Hmmm," responded the friend. "Well, maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but. . . did he mention anything about including matches in the package?"
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The shoe dealer was interviewing a potential salesman. "Suppose," he said, "a lady customer were to remark while you were trying to fit her, 'Don't you think one of my feet is bigger than the other?' What would you say?" "I would say, 'On the contrary, Ma'am, one is smaller than the other.'" "The job is yours."
Click through for the big picture. This was the sky in the east at 7:00 am yesterday. Where I stood, it was still pitch dark, and the picture had to be a long exposure. That is why the wind shaking the leaves made the trees fuzzy, and the clouds too.
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An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD goes to Albert Metz Jr., 67 in CASPER, Wyo 2 DUIs in one night A 67-year-old Wyoming man managed to get two DUIs in one night, the Casper Star-Tribune reports. Albert Metz Jr. posted his bond and was released about 2 hours after the first arrest - the county has always allowed it - then got pulled over again for blowing a stop sign about 25 minutes later (right outside the jail). His blood-alcohol level had dipped from .087 to .061, but was still over the state limit.
From the Tech Support Pits: From: Joyce Re: Bounced mail comes back Dear Webby... Re: bad return addresses Dear Webby, I love my "MailWasher Pro" but lately I have been getting some of my bounced mail back again from their server saying that the return address has a fatal error. Well, we both know that it is just the spammers way of trying to get around my "MailWasher Pro", What I want to know: is there a way of not getting all these mail delivery failed notices, a setting that I don't have working for me or something? Thank you for your great humor newsletter, it's so informative that I can't wait to read the next one. PS. I also enjoy the humor, Joyce Dear Joyce Personally I don't waste time bouncing any more. All the return addresses on spam are forged anyway. You can turn off bouncing in Mailwasher by going to TOOLS, Email Accounts, BOUNCING. Once you turn that off, your mail delivery failed notices should stop You can still turn that on again, if the preview shows a message from your mother-in-law announcing a visit. It's easy enough making filters for known senders and send regular spam to the trash without showing it, and only show in the.preview list what you actually want to preview. Have you played with the filters yet ? Have FUN! DearWebby
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While I was attending a law course, the 'Audi alteram parten' rule was explained to us. Translated it means "To hear the other party." After discussing the subject at great length, the lecturer asked if anyone didn't understand the rule. Responded one man "My Wife."
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After 50 years of wondering why he didn't look like his younger sister or brother, Paul finally got up the nerve to ask his mother if he was adopted. "Yes, you were son," his mother said as she started to cry softly. "but it didn't work out and they brought you back."
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Belinda was complaining about her husband spending all his time at the pub, so one night he took her along. "What'll ya have?" he asked. "Oh, I don't know. The same as you I suppose," she replied. So Bob ordered a couple of Jack Daniel's and threw his down in one go. Belinda watched him, then took a sip from her glass and immediately spat it out. "Yuck, that's a nasty poison!" she spluttered. "I don't know how you can drink this stuff!" "Well, there you go," replied the husband. "And you think I'm out enjoying myself every night!"

Recycled Horseshoes

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